Yay Rachel!

*rolls her eyes*

This is a post of congratulations for my friend Rachel… who apparently accepted a long-term proposal today. You go girl!!! Lol!!!! *rolls on the floor laughing*

Love to all!



30 thoughts on “Yay Rachel!

  1. Long-term proposal of what, may I ask? Marriage? XD That’s awesome/funny. I was engaged when I was six… The male of my choice only proposed because when he was older he wanted to have kids so he could take them fishing. Not a terribly romantic first proposal, I must say. I believe my response was a confused, “Um, okay.” Come to think of it…. We never officially broke it off! Oh, crud!! I’m STILL engaged! O_O And for very wrong reasons!! ROFL.


  2. There are a lot of purple. But this one is the purple from the retreat, remember what Andrew Starbuck said? “Guys are blue, girls are pink… this retreat, there is to be no PURPLE!”


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