To leave BYC or not to leave?

This may be a bit bad for Evelyn, but Im also really starting to dislike being BYC. Now, I LOVE the chicken info. But there are a few people on there who are giving me a hard time for being Christian, ridiculing and being just meaninglessly cruel to me and a lot of the other Christians and Homeschoolers. Yes, I try to evangelize, I try to take it all, but its starting to really become irksome. Explaining theology and ideas to people who will only mock you for being unscientific and brainwashed is getting to be too much. Anyone else see a depressing amount of atheists around trying to prey upon us?

And, frankly, the amount of suicidal people around is starting to depress me.Every single bloody day, another person claiming that theyre life is no longer worth living, and of course I come in to tell them that life is always worth it, never give up, that I’ll be praying for them. Which is when the atheist comes along and once again gets after me for praying. *facepalm*

So, I might be leaving the CP thread for a while, as well as the COY and Crushes threads. The people who are most important (Ok… person..) has my phone number if they need to talk (which i kinda miss, Ev, its lonely here! Even Captain Fantastic doesnt talk much anymore! Plus… I can talk longer and less awkwardly with you than him. No offense to him, of course.)

So, you will be seeing less of me for a while.

Love to all!



40 thoughts on “To leave BYC or not to leave?

    • Oh no, not at all! As I said, I respect all of you who dont really argue about it, but a few BYCers will take any chance to jump down my throat, even when I’m saying something like “I’ll pray for you” to one of our depressed members…


  1. Oh, good. That is really annoying of some people to do that, especially when you are trying to help someone. You are really one of the more interesting people on BYC, so I hope you are able to resolve this without leaving. However, I will understand If you do leave.


  2. I’m not sure if anyone remembers me but I can’t believe what you’re saying! I remember the days when BYC was a great, safe place to hang out in my free time. I made some friends there that I am still keeping in touch with! Good, Christian people. But it’s not just them, I think we have to be careful also, for those of you that DO remember me, I got into some “friendly discussions” about how I believe you must be “born again” to be saved (Baptist/non-denominational) and I’m suprised Rob kept me around. I’ll put BYC in my prayers and the people on there that are struggling. Is any of the old gang still on?


  3. We Love you Tani!!!

    (wow you got really popular all the sudden!)

    Feel free to call me if you ever feel sad! I Absolutely LOVE talking to you! You can call any time!(I might not be home or I might be doing school, but leave a message and I promise to call you back!)


  4. Yeah, I am. πŸ˜‰ Hey Matt, looong time no see. *waves* And as far as the old gang goes, not very many of them are on. Like, ever. Smartie and 77 are on maybe once every 6 months (that I see that is. I don’t get on that much anymore except to PM.)

    NOOO PLEASE DON’T LEAVE!!!! Ok, overdramatic protest completed; if you do leave I would definetely not blame you, but you are like one of the only normal people I can hang out with (not that I do that much. Cause I’m not on that much. But still. It’s refreshing to see you on. πŸ™‚ ) I do agree BYC has definetly gone down hill… 😦 . I mostly just go on there to talk to Sassy, Ec (PK), and the old pullets. But anyway, there’s my inconsistent 2 cents worth. πŸ˜‰


  5. You know, I’ve never realized just how liked I am on there. Woah. Well, I get on daily, just not on the CP thread, just on the informational threads and forum areas. You can PM me if you want to talk! Or we can make our own thread!


    • Haha, yeah I was scrolling through the comments on this and say “WoodChic is on every now and again.” I was like, “Woooaahhh, they’re talking about me!! Why are they talking about me? Oh, Matthew’s on.” πŸ˜‰ Well since now your banned we can’t start our own thread. :-/ But my email is if you wanna email, I’d love too! πŸ˜€

      We should really have an ‘old gang’ reunion sometime. Like email everyone that we have the emails for, and set a specific time to meet in the CP thread or something. Just like old times. πŸ™‚


    • Here on WP, there is a tab that says “themes” and you can download whatever one you want (there are well over 140 themes) πŸ™‚ That one was called “Choco” and the present one is “last Saturday!”


      • oh, yeah! I think it’s cool! but I was waiting for you to make a post about it or something before I commented, because the conversations going on at the time just didn’t allow for a tangent about the theme πŸ™‚


  6. Aww Tani, I’m sorry! I hate it when people bug Christians just for being Christian. *hugs* I haven’t been on cause I have lots of homework, and when I am on it’s usually so I can PM people. You’re one of the only “solid” people on BYC. Love ya lots! πŸ™‚


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