The World without Imagination.

This modern world is full of all sorts of perils and problems. We have mothers murdering their offspring, children with children of their own, drugs, sex, perversion, and the obscene, jostling around with all sorts of other evils. But one more evil lurks, unnoticed, in every home and every street in the world.

Ladies and gentlemen, this world has lost its imagination.

In Ye Olde Dayes, people would read for fun, and draw what they thought characters or places looked like. People would spend time daydreaming, inventing new games, dances, and other pastimes. The advent of the movie and the video/computer games have changed that. Before, boredom would lead people to try out new and more challenging things, creating and adding beauty to the world. Now? If you’re bored, on goes the TV, in goes that new game, voila! Hours of mindless thumb-twiddling. There is no room for imagination here. All the scenes, story lines, and characters have already been made.

I remember, as a little girl, playing with my brother Pavel at a place we call Osgiliath. Its a 12 foot high, 20 foot long cliff of white marble a little bit from our house. He and I and our siblings would play the most interesting and hilarious games full of intrigue, action, and high adventure. We built bridges over our washes here, and ran around on them all day. We had a tree fort, and a hidden clubhouse in a wash about half a mile away. We spent our days hunting orc, dropping man-made bombs on Communist bunkers, and dying in generally heroic (albeit gruesome) ways.We used our lego’s to build fantastic mansions, and then staffed them with Lego robbers, millionaires, and damsels-in-distress. I made outfits for my Barbie dolls out of handkerchiefs and socks. If I got really bored, I would draw pictures of dinosaurs in hats and frilly dresses, or pick up one of my novels and spend an hour or two reading.

Now, flash forward. When my little brothers are bored: first, the TV goes on. Then, they hop on to the computer after an hour or so of cartoons, to play games like “Monkey Bloons Tower Defense 4.” If they go outside, the games they play are Halo or Assassins Creed. They only ever buy Halo Legos, and spend a small fortune each time they visit Target buying more Spartans for their fortresses. Pictures, even from the three year old, are of Assassins stabbing bad guys through the chest with long hidden blades, with gushing red blood everywhere. Reading is next to nonexistent,Β  with both the 10-year old and the 8-year-old reading at the same level as the 5-year-old.

And the violence! And the language! The 8-year-old, though he isn’t allowed to say them, knows profanity that I didn’t know until I was 14 or 15! The three year old threatens to tear people’s guts out if he is forced to take his nap. The poison that this world gives to us is seeping into everything, destroying innocence, stealing childhood.

Why is it that the world wants us to be rid of our imagination? People who imagine think. Thinkers question the status quo and become revolutionaries. Revolutionaries bring down tyrants and can see past the rhetoric and the lies, and make the world a better place. Bad news for the Government and numerous industries. And so, they hook us up to our TVs and Computers, catching our attention with quick money deals, adventures, and of course pornography. Pretty much every show on the air today is at least soft-core porn. Things that would have gotten a producer in jail fifty years ago are now encouraged and laughed at. Everyone knows that the best way to sell a product is to put a half-naked, beautiful woman on the cover. And since we, as humans, are attracted to such things, it keeps our attention. If we turned off the TV or the game, we take away that company’s chance for a sale.

Also, TV’s and Computers spread propaganda like all get-out. Take the TV series Glee, for instance. It provides a positive view on such immoral and abhorrent things as homosexual romance, divorce, promiscuity, immodesty, and all other sorts of evil. All while trashing pro-lifers, Conservatives, Christians, and all those who have real concern for humanity. And did you know that there is a video game where you shoot people like Sarah Plain, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, and Michelle Bachmann, considering them to be enemies to the people? The media knows they can feed us lies, disguised by pretty anchorwomen and adventurous story-lines.

So, the World has dumbed us down. Fed us lies. Stolen our innocence. Taken our ability to imagine. How do we stop it?

Read a book. Take a hike. Visit a park, or a cave. Spend time with other people, with your family, your friends. Encourage others to do so. If all else fails, do some work. Just don’t run to a machine as your first source of amusement.

Love to all!


11 thoughts on “The World without Imagination.

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  2. Wow! What great words! It’s all true, atleast me and my brother still play out side, play with the chickens, write stories, draw pics. I’m so glad I was born in the family I was born in!

    May I share this on FB?


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