The Nature of God

All credit goes to Frank Sheed, the original author, and Mike Baker, who sent this to me.

So we have God the Father in eternity. The Father has infinite knowledge of Himself. Because He knows every SINGLE thing about Himself, His knowledge must be everything that He is. It must reflex all His attributes, including His knowledge.

This Knowledge is God the Son. The Father, in order to be God, must have infinite knowledge. Therefore He cannot exist without the Son, nor can the Son exist without Him. Because God the Father is eternal, His knowledge, which is infinite, must also be eternal. Therefore God the Son is eternal. And because the Father’s knowledge has every perfection He has, so the Son has every perfection the Father has. and because the Father is totally God, so His self-knowledge, the Son, must be totally God.

As regards the Holy Spirit: the Father and the Son, Who are alike eternal and omnipotent, love each other infinitely. They give themselves totally to the other, and this totality of love is the Holy Spirit. Since the Father and the Son are eternal and have always possessed infinite love for each other, the Holy Spirit has eternally existed and must exist, since the Father and the Son do not cease to love each other. And since the Father and the Son give Their love to one another totally, so the Holy Spirit is totally God.

The Three Persons do not split Divinity between them. Each possesses Godhood in its entirety. The Father gave it to the Son totally (in fact, since the Father is infinite, anything besides giving it in its entirety is absurd). The Father and the Son, both infinite, pass Their gifts, in entirety, to the Holy Ghost. And this is all eternal. No waiting needs to happen since the Three Persons have always existed and always existed infinitely.

And that is why the Trinity is one God: The Persons possess the same Divinity and are alive by the same act of being, since the Father cannot, as I described above, live without the Son and Holy Ghost.

And it follows logically that the Three Persons are not created. The Father has always existed and because He is infinite, the Son has existed as long as He (for the Father did not create His knowledge. He simply has it by virtue of being God.) And because, being infinite, the Father and Son must love each other infinitely, so the Holy Spirit has always existed. After all, the Father and the Son did not create Their love, They’ve simply always had and shared it by virtue of Their infinity.


Isn’t that just amazing? I am on a good writing high right now… 😀

Love to all!


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