A few extra thoughts from TAC.

1) The archive is INCREDIBLE!!! They have hundreds of rare documents, from letters of the saints, to a almost thousand year old, hand illuminated prayer book, to pages from ancient books from the 400’s, BC. And I got to touch a rosary tat belonged to Padre Pio! You know, the “pray, Hope, and don’t worry!” guy? That was cool.

2) The dorms are very Italian, simple, yet covered in every kind of flower imaginable, with antique tapestries within.

3) There is room for a rebel… mixed in with the other students, there was one, shaved bald, with a scrub beard and a leather jacket over his dress shirt and slacks.


Still in love with this place. *rolls eyes*

Well, it’s 11 o’clock here, so I should be in bed, sick as I am. Goodnight, denizens of the web-based world.




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