Today’s heroes (or lack therof!)

Once upon a time…

So many great stories begin that way, stories full of courage and daredevils and loyalty and sacrifice. A prince forces his way through a mutated thornbush to save a princess old enough to be his great-great-granny. A little boy takes on a giant, and wins. A warrior is dragged to the bottom of a lake to face a fearsome beast (he loses.) A pure knight slays a dragon, rescues a damsel-in-distress, and gains a kingdom (all this with the hideous name of George. No offense to my favorite George, AKA Uncle Sourland.) These are the heroes of the last few hundred years. They all show what we as a society valued: purity, integrity, courage in the face of nigh-unbeatable odds, and the wonders of love and magic. Kids everywhere tried acting like Robin Hood or King Arthur, and learned respect.

Today’s heroes barely earn the word. Cynics, jerks, drunks, lazy bums who can’t even work on their own two feet. I will admit, the popular show “Psych” has it’s high points, such as a great deal of culture-related jokes and the highly lovable supporting character named Lassie. But at the same time, the show’s protagonist is a nauseating mix of rudeness, cynicism, and wost of all, the inability to be serious (of all the types of personality traits I detest, that one is #2, after people who try to control other people’s lives) He is abhorrent in every way, his only real purpose in life is to make everyone around him feel and look stupid, from his enemy to his best friend. Other heroes include Jack from LOST, a drunk and a control-freak, drug- using rockstars who sleep with different girl(s) every night,ย  and all those various comedians who poke fun at everything and everyone (also fueling my deep hatred of those cannot-be-serious-to-save-their-miserable-behinds individuals.) These are the people we hold up to our children to emulate, the people we idolize. And because our heroes have become like the villains of yore, our villains have become even more sinister, and there are no true heroes to show us what real virtue, real honor is.

The greatest hero in any person’s life should always be their father. This society has taken away the desire that men once had to be fathers, to be heroes, and replaced it with a desire to have fun, to never be “tied down.” This results in millions of children, raised without those men who should be their heroes. Women never see how it a man should treat them (starting with opening doors, did I ever mention I love it when guys do that?) and so go looking for “love” with the men who can give them nothing but misery and heartbreak, just as their fathers did years before. Boys have no good role model around, and turn to other, less worthy role models: gangs are a good example, where you have many younger men centered around a group of older leaders. We have no real heroes anymore.

In case you haven’t guessed, I am leading up to a certain music video and a movie promo.

So, because I always want to have this song around:

And, BTW, I haven’t seen it yet… but I hear the movie Courageous is really good. I will have to get dad take my two oldest brothers to see it, maybe I can sneak in. ๐Ÿ˜›

Love to all!


6 thoughts on “Today’s heroes (or lack therof!)

  1. Ooh, my mom went to go see that! She said it was good. ๐Ÿ˜€ And YES!! I love it when guys open doors, but I’m always so surprised when they actually do it. Last Friday I had a door opened for me and it took me a couple seconds to realize what was happening. (I’ll email you who it was.)


  2. one question and a fact:

    What is this movie Courageous?

    I always try to hold the door whenever I happen to be walking with one ๐Ÿ˜€


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