Share five things you’re thankful for.

I expect at least Gabe and Ev to post up theirs, if not here, than on their blogs.

1) That God himself saw fit to die for us, unworthy though we are.

2) I’m still alive, which there was a large possibility of not being true a few years ago.

3) For my two wonderful best friends, Gabe and Evelyn, both of whom have had such a wonderful effect on me. Thank you both so much!

4) For my parents, who even though they have their big issues, allow me to get more chickens.

5) The chickens, duh, and BYC, for all the people there who have given me advice (both chicken related and not)

Love to all! (I’m thankful for all of you blog readers too!)



2 thoughts on “Share five things you’re thankful for.

  1. I started thinking of things and then realized that they don’t have to be the TOP five. I have got to quit always thinking of lists that way. Okay! One: God’s wonderful reason for inflicting pain on me. (Not going to elaborate, but Tani knows what I mean πŸ™‚ ) Two: Our homeschool co-op where THREE: I’ve made so many friends since we’ve moved to MO. When I was eight or nine I would cry all the time because I literally had NO friends besides the neighbor girl I’d exchange hi’s with every so often. Four: The Internet!! πŸ˜€ Yes, I’m completly hopeless. Five: The annual Lifelight Missouri concert!! Already counting weeks until the next one. Am I allowed to keep going? Six: Cameras. Seven: My talent for writing. I know that sounds conceited but it’s a huuuuuuge part of my identity, and I used to feel so sad that there was nothing that I could think of when people started talking about talents. Eight: My family, quirky and embarrassing as they may be. Nine: My chickens. Okay, I’ll shut up now. Gabe’s turn!!


  2. well then, I think I’ll stick to five πŸ˜›

    1. Tatiana
    2. Lifeteen
    3. My school
    4. The fact that it turns out I’m not as anti-social as I used to think I was (no where near it, in fact)
    5. Cats

    I lied

    6. My wonderful family
    7. MUSIC (I would DIE if I couldn’t sing or listen to or play music!!!)
    8. Doctor Who
    9. The fact that I was born into a Catholic family
    10. (ha, I beat you both! :P) STAR WARS!!!


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