Well, I feel like an idiot now.

I have a great many rules of life that I live by. They range from the useful to the embarrassing. Yesterday, I learned a new rule.

Rule #75: If you have a condition that weakens the joints, do not ever decide to engage in a game in which you must hope on one foot through an obstacle course. Even if teen leader Rick says you must.

So, today I am confined to bed with a sprained ankle. Lucky me. In a ton of pain. And I’m not even able to sit up, lest I move this thrice-cursed foot.

Par for the course, par for the course. Yesterday, the day that started with me having to run out of mass to sob my eyes out in the Church Garden, ended with me not able to walk and in a ton of pain.

Thanks, Lord, I suppose there was indeed a reason for this?

Love to all. I’ll be around all day.

-The very in pain and very hungry Tani



13 thoughts on “Well, I feel like an idiot now.

  1. well, no offense, but, GOOD, maybe now you know better

    and you never told my why you had to run out into the church garden crying in the middle of mass?

    all things considered though, I hope you feel a lot better soon! ((hug))


    • Isn’t he just? (if you say that with a boatload of sarcasm, it sounds better)

      Bad. I’ve been having a bad couple of weeks.

      Thanks, Evs! 🙂 I already feel a bit better!


        • *rolls eyes*
          I know, I know. But hey, as my flair button says, I am a brunette with many blonde moments. I guess I was too busy being nice… I could have not done the course, and just hopped normally, but Stasha wanted the normal hopping, so I took her place in line and did the insane course.


  2. Aw, Tani, I’m so sorry! I sure hope your ankle heals ASAP. And no, you are definately not an idiot! You should hear about some of the dumb things I’ve down…like poking a hole in a


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