Those danged consequences.

Its a lesson that we all have to learn one day or another.

Actions have consequences.

Whether those consequences are big (you marry the wrong guy and then get a divorce years later) or small (as with my sister, she cooked a full Mexican dinner and now has no food money for a week) rest assured, they are always there.

In my case, this is how it works. Because I was a nice person, and let my friend Stasha have the easiest job during the game last Sunday, I took the hardest and sprained this ankle. Consequence #1. Consequence #2: I can neither go to the gigantic Tucson Meet Yourself festival (which I have been looking forward to for a while, as my aunt is flying down from Boston for the weekend to come along) and neither can I go up to Mt. Lemmon with my family, which I was also looking forward to. Oh, and the fact that my entire leg is achy and the ankle burns.

So, this the part where I warn you to think before you do things. Such as *hint hint* how not getting homework done could mean you cram, cramming means less right answers, which means lower grades, which means lower scores, which means not as much of a chance to get into a good college, which means less chance of getting a good job. So unless you want to go to a raving liberal community college, which will teach you that black people are better than white people, “gays” are better human beings than straight people, everything written by white men before 1970 is a lie meant to enslave women, the government will cater to your every need, and the Catholic Church is made up of pedophiles… I highly suggest you do your homework.

That’s enough mothering for the day. Off to go start show prep on some chickens (this will be fun! Because, as you know, plucking wing feathers and getting pecked in the face by an angry chicken is the epitome of fun!)

Love to all!


3 thoughts on “Those danged consequences.

  1. I have to disagree with your definition of community colleges. It’s a rather black-and-whit view, which, as I’m sure you know once you think about it, is a very flawed way of looking at things. Most things in life are shades of grey.

    Anyway, enough of me preaching at YOU. LOL. Thank you for reminding me that I have a WWII test on Friday.


  2. Ev’s, anywhere that does not expressly say that they are a Catholic/Christian college, which includes community college, is yet another machine for propaganda. The Liberals want us to be educated as good little liberals, and since they run the media, the college and schooling systems, and pretty much every other public service known to American man… they succeed.


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