What makes a hero, a hero?

I was talking with a family friend, Mr. Poeske (the same guy who bought me “How to find your Soulmate without losing your Soul”) About what makes a hero, a hero. Here is some of the facebook conversation:

Me: It was EPIC. Maybe the best Marvel movie so far, but I didn’t much like the “perfect” hero. A good hero, in my opinion, should have some vices that he has to overcome in order to be the hero. Steve was utterly noble, self-sacrificing, handsome, charming, etc.

Mr. Poeske: I agree with you – a great hero shows us all how he/she can overcome their personal failings to do noble, courageous and self-less things for mankind. I read an interview done with Frank Miller, comic book author of “300” and the new “Batman” series said the exact same thing.

Me: Right. Because in the end, that is what makes him heroic. He is not better than everyone else, he is exactly the same kind of man, but he is the one who is willing to rise above his sin and his unworthiness for the greater good of mankind. 🙂

So there you have it. It’s another reason I hate shows where the “hero” is a selfish jerk. A true hero is virtuous, but struggling. Brave, but scared of what he cannot control. Able to overcome his own shortcoming, and be who God made him (or her!)

Love to all! Talk later!



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