Happy All Saints Day!!!

Today, the Catholic Church celebrates all of the men and women who have finished the battle of life victorious. Even though many saints have an individual day of the year that they are remembered on, there are so many countless millions of saints that there simple isn’t enough room for all of them. Not to mention all the saints who are unknown to the Church, the simple men and women who lived, fought, and died in the service of God. So, to all the wonderful Saints and Angels in Heaven… Pray for Us!!!!


And remember, people, one day, we want to be honored today as well. Act accordingly. Which, along that line, I haven’t been doing lately. So, a public apology is in order to Evelyn and Gabe. Sorry, amigos, Tani is going through some issues right now and I took it out on you guys with my impetuous and often unfeeling comments. Mea Culpa. *bows*

Love to all!




3 thoughts on “Happy All Saints Day!!!

  1. Ah, but so few remember, or have ever heard of my two Patron Saints – Saint Dymphna (Patron Saint of the mentally afflicted) and Saint Fiacre (Patron Saint of gardeners and taxi cab drivers, and no I don’t drive a taxi). I seem to remember you mentioning Padre Pio, now Saint Pio. I have read some wonderful books on him.
    Love, Gramma


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