Book review time!!!

Hello! Today, Tani read a new book! Because I am so behind on the times, I am calling it new, but in reality, “The Hunger Games” is relatively old. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting more of the modern tripe that passes as young adult fiction these days. Yes, it was tripe-y at times, occasionally even painful (nothing is more painful to this romantic reader than false and unrequited love. Ugh) but all in all, it was well written, interesting story-line. A few caveats (such as… if they can figure out how to make food magically appear, why don’t they have guns??? And why is the protagonist so distasteful at times????)  but all-in-all, a good story.

Three stars out of five for “The Hunger Games.”

Love to all!


18 thoughts on “Book review time!!!

  1. I read the reviews of THG on my Kindle, but it sounded too violent and disturbing: was it?

    FINALLY, someone who agrees with me that most YA books are tripe!!! You go, girl!!! 😀


    • At times, yes, it is violent. The idea of brutally killing other kids, to get food for your country, is just disgusting! And there is some sensuality as well. It’s a good book for when there is absolutely nothing else to read.

      Yes!!! I read a lot of books (heck, I read anything with words) and the modern ones are just getting grosser and grosser.


      • Well, I don’t think I’m quite that desparate yet, but thanks for the review! I ❤ book reviews I don't mind violence if it has a point, but…

        Anything with words? Toothpaste tubes? Nestle Crunch bar wrappers? ( that's me!)


        • LOL. You’re welcome, then!

          Yep. I am not beyond reading the list of ingredients in multivitamins! But, hey, have you ever heard of Regina Doman and her novels? She is a Catholic author, so there’s no sex or anything like that, but they do deal with the big questions, like abuse, fear, trust in God, and CHESTERTON! My favorite is Waking Rose (Modern adaptation of Sleeping Beauty) where, instead of an evil witch casting a curse, it’s a girl who is put into a fake coma by a doctor with something to hide. Plus, any book with sword-toting, martial-art-experts, dressed-in-black, Christian hunks HAS to be good, aye?


  2. Hmmm…never heard or Regina Doman! I’ll have to find some of her work – anything that should be read “in order” or any one best to start with? Have you read Tamora Pierce? Her work is grand, especially the Protector of the Small series!
    Love, Gramma


    • First book in the “Fairy Tale Retold” series is Shadow Of The Bear (Based on ‘Snow White and Rose Red’) then is Black as Night (‘Snow White’) Waking Rose (‘Sleeping Beauty’) The Midnight Dancers (‘Twelve Dancing Princesses’) and then the newest one, Alex O’Donnel and the 40 Cyper-Theives (‘Ali Baba’) They center around a group of family and friends, gradually branching out, ie; supporting characters in one book are main chars in another.


  3. I just watched the THG trailer, and I cracked up. It seems like all they do is look teary-eyed, and run around, and the camera was zipping around too fast….IDK, but I think Hollywood has officially gone crazy. (Wait, that’s old news)


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