You know, I kinda was figuring that it would be at least a month before Zoe started being Zoe again.

Nope. New record: 1.5 weeks.

This time, I was actually trying to be nice to her. She needed an USB cable, mine was in a place that is hard to get to, so I told her where Dad’s was. She thanked me and left. Later, Dad needed his cable back, so he asked if I had it, and I said “No, but Zoe probably does.” My mistake, apparently, because she didn’t have it a all. She had gone up to my loft, stolen mine, and used it instead. So when Dad asked if she had it, she went to me, and she kicked me (again) called me a b*tch (again) for telling dad that she had the cable, cussed me out some more (along the lines of “F— you!”) and then stormed out, screaming how she hates me.

I am so danged TIRED of this!!!!!!!!!!!! I try and I try, to be nice, to be loving ,and she STILL treats me like crap! To my credit, this time I didn’t scream back, I bit my tongue and dealt with it, but I am this close to just slapping her!

I guess that if a person is determined to hate you, there is nothing in hell you can do to make them love you.

*sigh* Thanks for the rant, y’all.


4 thoughts on “Not. AGAIN.

  1. honestly, I’m starting to feel nothing but some odd kind of pity for Zoe. From what you say, she seems entirely irrational. Are you sure you’re not embellishing anything like when your mom “told” you that you could use the comp after supper that one time?

    nice new background, BTW


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