Pray for me, y’all!

Tomorrow at 1:15 pm, I’ll be in Phoenix at the Mayo Clinic to see if there are any non-surgical treatments for my condition… pray that the doc sees what’s wrong and has a way to fix it that DOESN’T end with me having osteoarthritis at age 30.Thanks, everyone!


20 thoughts on “Pray for me, y’all!

  1. Thanks everyone! Di, post up that idea soon, wouldja? I haven’t visited your blog in forever. E (I assume you are Eleanor, right?) I will, most definitely! And Gabe… Oh, so THAT’S what you were doing instead of homework, eh? Kidding, thanks! 😀

    Oh, and pray that we don’t get hit by one of the massive dust storms that are predicted on the road up there, ok?


  2. If you were an alcoholic, I would be hopeful enough to hope that we were good enough friends that you would tell me. And since you havent, I HIGHLY doubt you have trouble with anything of the sort.


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