What Happened Yesterday:

Good morning!

So, as y’all know, we went up to Phoenix yesterday to get some answers about my joint issues. We started the day by driving two hours up there. We still had lots of time before the appointment, so we went to Ikea!!! I don’t know about you guys… but I am an Ikea addict! That place, like,  rockeths epicly. Anywhoo, we had a great lunch there, and then we went to my appointment.

The Phoenix Children’s Hospital is a remarkably fun and pretty place. Lots of color, and shape, and shiny things… Dad says it’s because hospitals, especially children’s hospitals, are grim places for a lot of people, and they were just trying to lighten the mood. We went up the funky elavator into ward B, and watched The Aristocats for a while while Dad filled out the forms. Then, we went into the office.

We were first met by a med student. Apparently, just like in the Catholic Priesthood, a medical student who is almost done with med school has to shadow an experienced doctor for a while. So, Ali the med student hung out in the room, answered a few basic questions from Mom and Dad, tested the hyperflexibilty of my joints, etc. Then, the real doctor, Doctor Judsonn, came in. He also tested my flexibility, and this is what he said:

1) The condition itself (hyperflexible joints) is common, but it is usually in just one or two joints. Mine is rarer, because it’s in every joint. (This while he was extending my shoulder, and then called Ali over to poke my arm and see just how loose my ligaments are.)

2) I will need to visit a rheumatologist to see if there are any diseases that would cause this, but he thinks it’s just genetics. But still, I’m going to have to get blood work done and that’s annoying. Tani no like needles.

3) He gave me a prescription for physical therapy!!! (Yay! Learning how to move without pain will be awesome!!!)

4) He said that I have to start taking Naproxen (painkillers) twice a day, but that I can go back to the gym and begin exercising again if I do. 😀

5) He said water aerobics would help a bit (possibly be bad for my shoulders) but biking would be the best option for exercise. Great, because I love biking almost as much as I love running.

Well, after this was over, we left, and we started the long drive home. There was, of course, a 40-mile long dust storm we had to drive through (living in Arizona has it’s downside!) but we made it through all right. We got home, Zoe through a hissy fit, I had to come along to the Cub Scout meeting because Mom didn’t trust her with the baby and wanted to bring him along, we had fun, and then we went to bed.


This morning, we have several eggs pipped. Expecting baby chicks by the end of the day. 😀

Love to all!



5 thoughts on “What Happened Yesterday:

  1. Sounds like a lot of great news! 😀 But now I’m getting really weird mental images of Aladdin from the Disney movie poking your arm. O_O

    Aw, dang. I don’t get to share my birthday with chickens after all. 😦 😛


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