Busy week again!

It’s a busy week at the Federoff house! So, yesterday was babysitting and Scouts. Today, we needed to make 30 cream-filled cupcakes for my dad’s boss’s birthday. Tomorrow, it’s more babysitting when Mom takes Kerry to the gym. Thursday is a Cosco trip. And Friday is the MATTHEW WEST AND JOHNNY DIAZ CONCERT!!!!  *cue cheers, screams, and general positive mayhem*As well as a morning spent with my Grandpa for Veterans day.

Saturday is a boy scout trip. Sunday… no idea. I’d like to go to lifeteen, mostly because they will be serving the cherry limeade soda that I brought, but it’s probably not gonna happen. Well, it might, because now that Zoe has become one of the Youth Leaders (Cor Members) she may have to be there. Ah well.

Monday, next week (yes, I know, it’s not this week, but I have to say it!) I get to spend an afternoon with family friend Sue Noran, (who has the coolest name for anyone who lives in the Sonoran desert,) and visit a friend of hers who keeps “exotic chickens!” I wonder what constitutes as exotic. Shamo? Junglefowl? Silkie? Hemapura? I can’t wait!!!!!

Well, that it for now. Tani is still in full blown drama mode, which, I’m afraid, means I don’t think before I speak or act. So, If I offend anyone, sorry, but I’m in a mood.

Love to all!



P.S Oh Captain? Like the italics? 😛

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