Talk about the weather!

Shall we?

It is about 20 degrees right now, snowed twice today, and it is friggin cold. How about you guys?


5 thoughts on “Talk about the weather!

  1. 20 degrees? Snow? Twice? I know that you are just showing off so I’ll feel bad about our miserable 31 degrees! Sweetheart? I’ll take every little flake of snow you’ve got! (gee, does that make me flakier than usual?)
    Love, Gramma
    (P.S. Gramma is from NJ where we get REAL snow and Grampa is from Minnesnowta -get it Minne snow ta – where snow is measured in feet!)


    • Yep. And about 15 at night, with windchill! LOL, the snow doesn’t stick around very long, and the temp fluctuates between 20 and about 40, depending on the time of day (40 around two o’clock, which during the summer is the time of day we have 115 degree heat.)

      (REAL snow?!?! Ha, we had a blizzard this past year… 10 whole inches of snow! Arizona!)


  2. No snow here yet (Mazie is getting very excited about “Kissmass, Nenny, Kissmass! Wif da twee!!” though) but I should have some to contribute to Gramma’s package soon. Bah, humbug.


  3. OH! Something in a package! You just tweeked a hysterical memory! Evelyn, of course, remembers our dog Sascha. (Malamute Akita mix – about 120lbs – and not very bright) Well, years ago Nana and Poppop retired to Florida after living all their lives in NJ. Nana is, shall we say, quite naive. Sascha wasn’t too far behind Nana. Me being me I couldn’t resist being more than a tad naughty.
    It snowed, it snowed about a 8 inches. Sascha was in her glory as she LOVED snow! Nana was chatting on the phone and saying how much fun Sascha must be having.
    (here it comes – naughty Gramma) I sent Nana, literally, a bag of snow. Ziploc freezer bag – sealed tight. Put the ziploc in the package with their Christmas presents.
    Now we all know the snow would not make it to Florida right? Well, poor Nana was almost in tears because “Poor Sascha! She didn’t know the snow would melt because she is a dog!” *sigh* It took us days to explain to Nana that I intended it to be a joke. Ummm….that is the reason I sent it “from the dog” because she wouldn’t know the snow would melt?
    So!? Having related that tale…..will I get “snow” in a ziploc baggie from E and Mazie?
    Love, Gramma


    • Okay… Don’t think I’ve heard that one before!! That’s bizarre, even for Nana. 😛 When I saw the word “Sascha” I thought you were going to tell the OTHER story. Phew!

      Hmmm… This may have to happen. 😀


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