Oh city of mine, how far thou hath fallen…

Tucson, AZ. Makes people think of chile peppers, sombreros, miles of flat, arid wasteland, and mariachi music.

People who don’t LIVE here, that is.

The Tucson, AZ that I know is a town run by complete IDIOTS. I do not use this term lightly. We are in the middle of some dire financial straits here, owing tens of billions of dollars other states as well as other countries (we considered selling our state capital to Texas) and yet… the leaders of this fair city spend like there is no tomorrow. Which there won’t be, if this keeps up.

First of all, we just spent $10 million dollars to green-ify the city buildings and appease the city hippies. How much will these repairs save us, per annum? $4 million. So technically, we wasted $6 million we didn’t have, plus the costs of upkeep for all these solar panels and green energy.

Next, in an effort to make the city more welcoming and fun, city officials decided to build a streetcar track. Costing about SIX BILLION DOLLARS. For a streetcar that has a two mile track, that nobody would use anyway, because we have these things called legs, which most people use in the city (seriously, there are more pedestrians in downtown Tucson than any type of machine) and which didn’t create any jobs, and all the money went to friends of government officials who (you guessed it) make streetcars and tracks.

Lastly I bring TUSD (Tucson Unified Suck-y, er, School, District) into the picture. Rated as the one of the worst school districts in the state. Given 4 billion last year to get better… all of which disappeared with no improvement whatsoever. But money keeps on getting drained in, to fund gender studies (for everyone who just NEEDS to study sex) ethnicity studies (for everyone who just NEEDS to learn why white people are sadistic, stupid, and under every other race) and of course, the free contraception handed out by every school nurse around. Not to mention a corrupt hierarchy. This is funded by us taxpayers down here, who really have no intention to give our money (that we actually do need) to a school district like this. So, all school districts here get a bad rap. Which means Vail (the best school district in the state) gets less funding, because nobody wants to pay taxes to TUSD, but all their money goes there anyway, and Vail has to cut out drama, art, and sports for all the kids due to lack of funds. Meanwhile, TUSD lives of the fat of the land, proudly sucking and spending it’s way into a politically correct oblivion.

Brillant job, Tucson, absolutely brilliant. *insert banging head into wall several times here*

(Tani has officially goteen herself and her blog into politics. Booyah!)

Love to all!



2 thoughts on “Oh city of mine, how far thou hath fallen…

  1. “For everybody who just NEEDS to study XYZ…” Hahahaha, dunno why, but that made me giggle.
    I get where you’re coming from. My dad’s town is losing money like crazy, so what do they do? They build a huge (and IMHO, very ugly) bronze statue outside the library. Uh-huh. Genius.


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