The term “dressed up” just does not exist anymore.

I am shopping for a Christmas dress.

A monumental task, even when one is not six feet high and has high modesty standards. So, while searching through the websites of such brands as J.C Penny, I found…. absolutely nothing worthwhile. I did, however, find these.

"Sexy"-one-shouldered-bimbo look!


Roman-goddess-meets-metallic-tramp look!


The official look-at-my-boobs dress!


The "Excuse me, I am falling out of top AND my bottom" dress!


I shall also talk quickly of a study done a few years back. Look at the pictures? See what they have in common? Every model is missing her head! The study done took a group of (very willing) young men and showed them pictures of women dressed modestly and women in bikinis. Some women in each group also had their faces cropped out of the photos. In the study, when the men looked at the pictures of the women in bikinis and/or missing their heads, the part of the brain associated with tool use lit up. Words that the men used to describe their thoughts included “I take,” “I grab,” and “I control.” In contrast, when the men had to look at the faces of the women, or the women who were modestly covered, they used the words “she takes,” “she grabs,” and “she controls.” The women that the men recognized as other human beings were also recognized as more in control of themselves. Men, those visual creatures, see a women immodestly dressed as something to be used. A tool.

And the media preys on that. A man will see a sexy model, and a women will notice how he lusts for her. Therefore, she will try to be sexy, which makes the man lust more, which makes the women dress worse, and the vicious circle continues. And we gals… well, we like being seen as sexy. We like feeling as though a guy thinks we look great. As creatures made for love, many of us go looking for it from guys instead of God, and when guys don’t know how to love (and aren’t encouraged to by immodest dresses and actions) we settle for lust instead, grateful for at least the illusion of real love.

So, ladies, please, if you value yourselves and the men in your lives, be classy. No, don’t wear a burka or a nun’s habit, but dress in fun, flattering, fitting (not clinging) clothes. If you have that one adorable top that just seems to always fall open at the neck, learn what I’ve learned: when you bend over, put your hand on the collar, and hold it up. That cute skirt that your grandma bought you last month? Buy some leggings! Don’t make it any harder than it has to be on our poor brothers, who already are bombarded with the actresses, models, and helpless women that surround them. Something tells me they’ll appreciate it. 🙂

Love to all!


2 thoughts on “The term “dressed up” just does not exist anymore.

  1. So true. I haven’t had a nice winter dress since I was about twelve, as all I found were itty bitty cocktail dresses. Designers need to be told that there’s more to the holidays than hookups and drinking. Siiiigh.


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