Well, THAT was a disappointment.

What good is WP account-hacking if you can’t make the snowflakes pink?! 😦

Well, I’ll go pout in the corner now… 😛



5 thoughts on “Well, THAT was a disappointment.

  1. Umm…I’m always proud of Evelyn….but PINK snowflakes? Ummmm…why would one WANT to make snowflakes PINK? (sitting quietly in a corner shaking my head)Girls, girls, girls……we aren’t going to get much snow at all! Must they be pink?
    Love, Gramma


  2. LOL. Sorry, Gramma. 😛 But it was the hacking you were supposed to be proud of, not the motive BEHIND the hacking. I was fully aware that you would not appreciate pink snow. Although it beats yellow snow. Maybe I’ll just send the pink snow to Momma and Chatty… I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. *Evil laugh*


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