Winterhaven trip overview!

As way of an explanation, Winterhaven is a part of Tucson where every December, residents are paid to make fabulous decorations. Light and fountain shows, figurines, outdoor theaters… probably a couple million dollars in electric bills, but certainly a spectacular Christmas show. You walk around, drink cocoa, and look at lights.

So, anyway, yesterday our Lifeteen group went, joining with the St.Thomas-ies (another group that is really close to ours) for a walk around. I pretty much hung out the entire time with Jesse, who got it into his head to jump into every puddle and splash me. Gee, Thanks, Jess. We walked and talked, he asked for advice on girls, I asked for advice on guys, we decided never to date or marry each other, and laughed and joked and played tricks and generally had fun. We also linked hands with about 12 other teens and formed a chain across the road, and then, still holding hands, ran down all the show-offs who were trying to look cool by walking in front of the group. Pavel was one of them, and he flapped off in his trench coat like a bat!

We ended the walk around ten o’clock, and then everyone else went home. We (Pavel, Zoe, Sara, and I) joined up with the Keezers (Nate, Mr. Keezer, Matt, and Matt’s girlfriend) all went to IHOP for cocoa, onion rings, and pancakes. Sat there and talked for an hour, and it was there we learned that Kim Jong Il, the ruthless Communist psychopathic dictator, is DEAD! Which means that he is exactly where he belongs now. Good. I am not rejoicing over his death, but I am glad that he’s gone. His son is in charge now, but as usually happens in Commie states, he won’t be for long. That type of society just doesn’t work, in the end.

Anywhoo, at IHOP, I learned something new about my friend Nate. Well, two things. One, he can’t talk to girls to save his life. Two… he is even more brilliant than I thought (and I thought he was the smartest person my age I knew!) He is trying to write a story, which sounds fascinating. We had a long “deep thoughts” talk about theology and angels and demons and ghosts and communism and commerce and girls and pancakes. Y’know, all the important things in life.

Well, we left Sara at her house, got home at about 12:30 pm, and crashed pretty hard. This morning, Mom is taking Daddy to the E.R because he really hurt his back. 😦

Love to all!



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