Love and hobbits and REALLY HOT DWARF DUDES to all!



17 thoughts on “YES! YESYESYESYESYES!!!

  1. *Screams and jumps up and down* My life is almost complete!!! But why, oh why are they making us wait so long? *crawls into a hole and cries*
    No, I’m not emotional.


  2. Are Tani and I the only ones who are appropriatly excited? 😦 Though I will confess that Iike The Hobbit better than LOTR. Haven’t finished LOTR yet, though, so I reserve the right to change my mind.


  3. Ahhhhh! Nice to know you little darlings have missed me! Haven’t been online since Momma, Daddy, the Flying Monkey, and Bubby got here! (gee, think the internet isn’t too high on my list of things to do?)
    BUT! Frodo lives! Ladies! I’ve still got a pin and a poster from, oh probably 1970, that says “Frodo Lives”! (yes, Gramma is O L D!)(Tani? Did you know that when Evelyn was 4 she would routinely tell people “My Gramma is SO old that dirt stands up, salutes, and calls her Ma’m!” properly coached by me of course)
    Anyway, I can hardly wait for this to come out. Needless to say I’ll have to wait till it hits the DVD section. Gramma and Grampa haven’t been in a movie theater since Momma was 16 and we all went to see Home Alone. Yes, Home Alone #1! I think we paid something like $3 to get in and Momma was only $2. So, as much as I would love to see the movie sooner, and naturally fill Grampa in on all the places they have done correctly and the things they left out or flubbed up, I am ready.
    Love and hugs to you all, (or in Evelyn’s case Hogs and Kisses!)(there! explain THAT one to Tani!)


    • Someday I’ll have to teach you how to text. *Evil grin* Or better yet… Teach NANA to text!! Of course, it would be videotaped and uploaded to Youtube.
      Hmmm, I don’t think Tani had heard those stories yet… Tani, think we could use that line on the Elders?! 😀
      Is Bubby driving you all crazy yet?


  4. Text? ME? Oh Precious One! You must be kidding! Nana? She has finally mastered the art of a phone call on her cell, she doesn’t have an answering thingy set up yet though.
    Bubby can not possibly drive me crazy! Most likely because I’m already fairly crazy on my own. That young man can sure work a room. He has the best comedic timing I’ve heard in years!
    Hogs and kisses to E! What shall we send to Miss Tani………hmmm…chickens, chickens, ummm…..something and pecks? I’ll have to work on that!
    Love, Gramma


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