The Feast of the Holy Innocents.


If you couldn’t understand through the title, today is the feast of the Holy Innocents. These are the boys, under the age of three, that were slaughtered by King Herod Agrippa (desperate to keep his throne and his people) in an attempt to find Jesus. Thankfully, Joseph and Mary had been warned in a dream to get the heck outta there, and had safely escaped to Egypt.

This also is a day that is special to the pro-life movement. Today, we remember the countless (20 a minute) babies that are slaughtered every day in the name of “choice.” These martyrs, who have done no wrong save that they exist in a world and a womb that rejects them as “senseless balls of cells,” are in solidarity with the children murdered millennia ago in Bethlehem. So, pray for the success of the pro-life movement, that joined with the prayers of the Holy Family and the Innocents of the 1st Century and 21st Century, we may end this genocide.

Amen? Amen.

Love to all!



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