Respect up, respect down.

Today, My respect has gone up for one person and down for another.



Michael Medved. The great Jewish radio host, with whom I share every single pop-culture or politics belief… except his stance of abortion. He thinks that an unborn baby can be aborted because it is not as relevant as a born person. Boo, Mr. Medved. You have lost a few billion awesome points this day.



Dad. As a Protestant (he was Evangelical until a little before I was born) he learned that it was “cool” to put the names of bible verses on greeting cards, answering machine messages, and on every other place that a bible verse could fit (want a pair of bikini briefs with John 3:16 printed on ’em? We got that!) Anyway, usually these were passages about God’s love, friendship between people, happiness, rainbows, sunshine, or damnation. And, being Dad, Dad thought it was the corniest thing EVER. But, with his usual cheekiness, he put a particular bible verse on all his greeting cards: Leviticus 11, the passage that expressly details which insects the Hebrews were allowed to eat and how and why. (Country-fried katydid, anyone?) So, Dad, you have gained the points that Mr. Medved has lost. Congrats.

Love to all!



3 thoughts on “Respect up, respect down.

  1. Haha, your dad is awesome!! I think that passage should be added to your voicemail. Ever seen the “My favorite Bible verse” sketch from Tim Hawkins?


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