5 thoughts on “FIRST VIDEO BLOG POST!

  1. Woohoo! I can hear you! Ummm..don’t be too surprised that I am tickled to be able to hear you…..I had to figure out how to turn the sound on & then turn it up. You can believe Evelyn when she tells you that I am moderately computer scrambled.
    The darn machine (it is a lovely machine & it can’t understand what I am saying as I’m saying this with a very sweet voice because it only hears the voice and doesn’t hear the dripping scarcasm) seems to have a mind of it’s own!
    Love, Gramma


    • Poor Gramma. Just get the oh-so-tech-savvy Mel to help you out… Tani, you should have heard her when I was spewing out phrases like URL, and operating system, and buffering. Funny as all heck.


  2. Coolness! I should do a vlog sometime. Awesomefowl approves.

    Frogs with top hats….interesting indeed. Our puppy was once extremely puzzled by a frog. She just sat there and stared at it.


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