2011, Year in Review (Song of the Year Reveal!)

This past year has been a year of growing (and no, I don’t mean sideways πŸ˜› ) and a year of learning. There’s been ups… there’s been downs. But this year has been my favorite year EVER. Because this year… I found God again. Ok, He found me. But that has been really made this past year full of blessings.

In 2011, I learned about chickens, I lost weight, I gained it back, fell in love, fell out again, went on retreats, had visions, headaches, and broken digits, lost one voice only to find another, got a backbone, sprained a tailbone, fixed a funny bone, learned how long it takes a quail egg to hatch (18 days, mostly,) read new books, wrote a book, lost an editor, bakes an apple pie, traveled to California with 10 other people, visited TAC, found my vocation, prayed rosaries, met Evelyn and Diana and all my other BYC BFF’s, got haircuts, flirted, talked, COY-ed, rocked out, and most importantly, slept.

That’s my year. And now, for what you’ve all been waiting for…

Out of several dozen songs, I narrowed the list down to two, and after much praying, the song of 2011, which captures PERFECTLY my experience with last year IS.

Happy New Year, everybody.



15 thoughts on “2011, Year in Review (Song of the Year Reveal!)

  1. All right, that’s it. Prepare for mush.

    This song is a perfect song for your 2011, I agree. You are so much more alive than you were a year ago, and definitly more so than when we became friends. Not only have you learned to do many things such as cope with physical and emotional pain, control your temper better than before, you’ve learned the most important lesson of your entire life: Putting everything in God’s hands. It’s a never-ending lesson, but like all others, it gets easier once you take that first big step. Surrendering the brownies, as it were.
    All of this is to say… I’m proud to be able to call you one of my best friends.
    Who knew that a knee injury when I was ten was the start of a friendship?


  2. it’s sad, really, cause the only two things I learned this year are: 1. being single is the future I plan for the next decade of my life and 2. how to pour a beer from tap.


  3. Sweetheart? God never lost you! He knew where you were all along! Gotta admit Evelyn was probably a Gift to you from Him as you are to her!
    Love, Gramma


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