Not *technically* Christian, but an epic song anyway!! The most lovely song I’ve heard all year 😛


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  1. Speaking of Christian music. I cannot BELIEVE I forgot to send your CD out with the mail AGAIN!! I’m not even going to wait until my mom can take it to the post office. It’s going in a manila envelope. RIGHT. NOW. …As soon as I buy some bubble wrap.
    To heck with it; maybe I’ll wrap it in paper towels. Ya know, you are a very high-maintenance friend! Just kidding. 😛


  2. I can’t chill! Perfectionism runs in my family! On my mom’s side! Especially with girls! So if I don’t do this perfectly I might spontaneously combust! And that would be bad! And make a mess! So I have to get it mailed! TODAY!! *Runs around in circles until she falls over* Yep, I’m good now. Anyway, there is now a package waiting for the mailman to pick it up sitting in my mailbox. It has your name on it, and it contains Cloverton and CHRIS AUGUST awesomeness. 8)


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