Losing God and Losing Yourself (A Lady Gaga post!)

Few people in this decade have caused such controversy and conversation as the infamous Lady Gaga. Stefani Germanotta (her actual name) was born a Roman Catholic around in 1986. Sadly, she bought into the idea that you don’t need God or religion in order to be happy. So, she now lives in sin and blasphemy.

The funny thing about her is that she proudly proclaims that she was “born this way” and that she knows exactly who she is. But nothing could be farther from the truth. Her actions speak louder than all of her lies. She is a soul searching for meaning in a world that, without God in it, has become meaningless. By trying all her desperate stunts and shocking concepts, she is tying to become someone who will last. Searching for immortality. In losing her faith, she has lost herself. Her meaning.

The world has said that in following a religion, you lose yourself. They see us as puppets of some pastor or pope, incapable of our own thought. We need to be set free from this, they say, and so ply us at every corner with temptations designed to get us away from God. But nothing could be farther form the truth! In Christ, and only in Christ, do we humans reach our full potential. A deformed hag became a mystic (Margaret of Castille.) A slow, fat boy became the greatest theologian of the Church (Thomas Aquinas.) The world would see these people as useless, because this culture only sees the outside. But God sees everyone as they are meant to be, beautiful or ugly, fat or thin, smart or ugly.

Stefani caved in. And now, she is trying to find her place in the world. Trying on different roles, different outfits. Being gay or bi or dressed in meat, only to prove that she is worthwhile. But she lost the only thing that gave her meaning, gave her worth. So she searches for something that is right in front of her green-painted nose, only she refuses to see it.

You think about the rest.

Love to all!



8 thoughts on “Losing God and Losing Yourself (A Lady Gaga post!)

  1. I have to say that there is one thing I disagree with in your post… In a religion you CAN lose yourself. Take it from the horse’s mouth. You won’t always, of course, but you can. It’s in a RELATIONSHIP with God that you will never lose yourself.


  2. I agree with what Evelyn said about losing yourself in a religion. But what I don’t agree on is that Lady Gaga is a bad person. Isn’t it funny how she wears all of the costumes and doesn’t let people’s opinions of her influence who she is? And she says she was born the way that she is. You can’t change who you are, and if God didn’t want her to be who she is, he wouldn’t have given her a pretty face, an amazing singing voice, and her success. God loves her as much as he loves you. If she had CONVERTED to Catholicism, you’d be happy, right? But the fact that she left Catholicism makes her a bad person in many people’s eyes. Just because she doesn’t practice Catholicism doesn’t make her bad. Tons of people, Catholics included, lose their way, and maybe in the future she will come back. You shouldn’t hate on her because she’s different.


  3. I thought the tone was more of immense disapproval… But then, that may have been thrown in there with the pity. šŸ˜› Now we just wait for Gramma to show up and start talking about sharing HER music with other drivers who are so kind as to share theirs with her. Loudly. 1812 Overture, anyone?


  4. 1812 Overture. Night on Bald Mountain. Anything by John Phillip Sousa. Anything that Kate Smith sang. OH, oh, wait, Scatman Crothers! Bette Midler! (most especially Delores Delago the toast of Chicago!). Louis Prima (NOT the David Lee Roth version of Just a Gigolo!). Wait! Wait! Sound of Music! Ah! Ah! West Side Story! Oh, I know! Labyrinth! (David Bowie don’tcha know!)
    Ooopsie! Sorry….stopping the foaming of the brain and going to sit quietly looking at CD covers….maybe some of my albums? The REAL albums? 33 1/3? I’ve even got some of Grampa’s (MY Grampa not Grampa) old, old, old 78s!
    Now you’ve got my little brain cooking!
    Love, Gramma
    P.S. You must excuse me…..the Flying Monkey just zipped around my head twice begging for time with the dollhouse!


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