Overview on the Presidential Candidates!

Hi! I’m back, and after hearing a heck of a lot these past few weeks on people’s opinion of the various candidates still left in the running to become our President, I’ve decided to hop on the proverbial bandwagon and post up mine. Starting with my least favorite, and working up, of course.

1) Romney- EEEEW. Flip-flopping, spineless, gutless, ball-less, puppet. Hate him.

2) Obama- yeah, I like Obama more than Romney, because at least Obama stands by his policies. But, he wants socialism and encourages a culture ridden with victimitis, so… hate him too.

3) Ron Paul-  NUTCASE!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s a truther (which mean he thinks that the USA was behind for 9/11 and a bunch of other nonsense) and his foreign policies leave much to be desired. Dislike him.

4) Newt Gingrich- OK, him I actually like, more or less. He has great policies, and knows how to act like a president. But, his private life is really screwed, and a good president should have equally good morals. Tolerate him.

5) Rick Santorum- My favorite. Pro-life, pro-family, and a solid Roman Catholic. Sadly, he probably won’t win, because he doesn’t quite have the right formality to be president.

So, probably the race will come to Romney and Obama. Our country is screwed.

Love to all!


9 thoughts on “Overview on the Presidential Candidates!

  1. Ron Paul a nutcase? Oh Tani… I had such high hopes for you. 😦 Joking aside, can I hear more of why you think he’s a nutcase? I have to disagree. IMHO, he’s the only hope for our nation.
    His foreign policies seem screwed-up, but really, why SHOULDN’T America keep her nose out of other countries’ business? All it does it cost us money that we don’t have.


    • First, the idea that America planned 9/11, and the whole Obama not being American. Anyone who believes that IS a nutcase.
      Actually, no. Can we stand by passively while, say, the muslims in Iraq nuke the jews in Israel? To not defend the weak against evil is a good as joining evil itself. As for money- Social security MUST GO. Along with medicare. And most welfare, except for circumstances where the receiver cannot possibly work at that time. Get rid of those, and we will have more money to spend. Oh, and no more NPR or other radio/television programs. And no more government supporting starving artists and Occupiers.


    • Ah, Evelyn! At least someone feels about it like I do!
      And Tatiana, I have to say that your comment about the Muslims nuking the Jews was really racist.


      • And again… *virtual high-five*
        Did you see Ron Paul totally take down Gingrich in the New Hampshire debates? BOOM.
        Tani, I won’t reply to your Medicare statement as it’s too personal an issue for me to pass judgement on. (Aunt is on Medicare, and it’s the only way she can get what she needs.)
        America planning 9-11, okay, so you disagree with that. Sorry, but having an idea that people disagree with does not translate into mental instability. Obama’s birth, well, how much does it REALLY matter, now that he’s (knock on wood) almost out of office anyway. Ron Paul can say I was born in a hospital in Pittsburgh and it wouldn’t make him insane. Just wrong.
        And Tani, we CAN stand by. Sometimes a country needs to look after it’s own needs before running to be the hero to somebodu else. Our troops need some time to get back on their feet. It may suck to stand by, but it may be best for America for the time being.


  2. Sorry, but it is true. In the Koran it actually instructs good Muslims to kill anyone who doesn’t convert (think Jews, Christians) That isn’t to say Muslims aren’t/can’t be good people, but that is what their book teaches, and their societies are arranged completely different from Western societies.


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