Great and awesome news!

News which I have wanted to tell you for a while but never had the chance to, due to hurting my arms!


In other awesome news, Confirmation class started last week, and even though I’ve already been Confirmed, I get to help Daddy this time as Ta the T.A. 😉 Oh, and tomorrow is the March For Life, where 1000 people march 2.4 miles from the Cathedral to Holy Hope Cemetery in protest of Roe v. Wade, the infamous decision that made abortion legal.

Guess what else? (I’ve been gone so long that I am smushing all my info in one post) Zoe and Kristen (who is absolutely sweet and nice and funny. Kinda like Evelyn… except shorter.) are going to L.A for a Nightwish concert!!! And they promised to bring me back Marco’s autograph!!!!!!!!*swoons*

Oh, and one more thing- never buy milk from Walmart. It’s nasty. Not even half a cup of chocolate powder can cover the taste, and tasting it on the way back up isn’t fun at all.

Well, that’s it for my news. How are y’all doing?


One thought on “Great and awesome news!

  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!! As far as physical therapy. Gosh, how long have you been waiting for this??
    Shorter than me, huh? She’s short!! Though I have grown enough to be considered average. I still feel short. ANYway! I dunno who Marco is, but what the heck? *swoon*
    Walmart milk, huh? Interesting…


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