Happy Valentine’s/Cyril and Methodius/opposites attract day!!!

Today, the world at large celebrates the feast of a martyr who gave his all for his Lord, and for some reason became connected with romantic love, which he had nothing to do with, as he was a celibate priest. Now, I LOVE Valentines day. Not that I ever get anything good, but I love love, so I’m as happy as a duck in a pond. Evelyn hates it for some reason, maybe because she really hasn’t seen how incredibly amazing real love can be yet. Don’t fret, Evelyn dahling, you will someday. *insert dramatic eyelash flutter*

The Catholic Church, however, celebrates the feast of Cyril and Methodius, who invented the Cyrillic alphabet and spread the gospel through Russia. Yay!!!

And our family celebrates the day that a neat, lonely schoolteacher-in-training couldn’t find a date, so she went out with the grungy, long-haired guitar player with whom she had almost daily fights over theology. 21 years and 10 kids later, they are still head-over-heels in love, and Daddy cut his hair (but is still a wicked bass player.)

Me? I celebrate one day being able to have a Valentine, but for now, my dad and my silkie rooster are enough (but don’t tell Chip that I’m cheating on him with Ev’s Houdini. He’d be crushed.) I’m also celebrating getting a few inches of snow, and having a duck to cuddle. Life is pretty good.

So, no matter what you are celebrating, I send you all lots of love and mushy sentiments and fuzzy warm things. Yay for Valentines!


2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s/Cyril and Methodius/opposites attract day!!!

  1. Yay for Silkie roosters! I have five of the little buggers.
    Oh and we celebrated Valentine’s day (I’m inclined to agree with Evs on this one!) by me and my sister getting a stomach bug. Painful.

    – Diana


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