Mardi Gras again?!?

Wow, seems like only a few weeks ago I was making last years Mardi Gras post. Time flies, indeed! Anyway, happy fat Tuesday to y’all. I learned how to type without my broken finger, so I can sorta write again. Well, as I said last year, here in the Orange House we celebrate the last day of Ordinary Time with crepes, dancing, and costumes, because tomorrow starts Lent, the season of penitence. During lent, we give up small comforts in order to focus more on God. For me, it’s makeup (which I wear almost every day now, eep!) and gossip. And most of my non-christian music. For Holy Week, the week before Good Friday, I’m also giving up my pillow.

As a family, we Fed’s are giving up TV. But not computer this year, so I will be around to post here and on BYC.

In other news, I have 11 eggs under a broody, so expect some chicky pics in a few weeks! The breeds are bantam single-comb rhode island reds, partridge silkies, and possible a crossbreed of dutch and phoenix. Yay for baby chicks!

Well, love and Keith Urban to all! Just kidding, Keith Urban is mine.


One thought on “Mardi Gras again?!?

  1. 😦 Can’t you share Keith Urban?? I very much support your giving up gossip… It should help me a little bit in that aspect, too, considering that you’re usually the one who hears each tidbit I come across. Anyway, glad to hear it’s no TV instead of computer like last year. We missed ya!! We get pictures of your costumes, right? 😀


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