This about sums it up.

  All of us know at least a few people who claim to know that God doesn’t exist, that He’s just a fairytale, and that we are just mindless sheep following a bunch of dead dudes from millenia ago, whereas they are the enlightened free-thinkers. But still, when it’s put this way, you have to wonder who is really the mindless sheep. Hmm.






In other news, Tani has decided to not go to Tenth Avenue North concert, and instead use said money to go to the retreat in a few weeks. Yay!

Memento Mori!


2 thoughts on “This about sums it up.

  1. Call me insane, but the biggest faith-builder I’ve ever heard of was Steve Jobs’ last words. He was looking past his family’s shoulders, his eyes got all wide, and he said, “Oh, wow. Oh, wow. Oh, WOW.” As far as concerts vs. retreats, I don’t even know how you made that decision. Oh, wow. LOL.


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