Retreat Pics!

Here is the first round, folks, and more should come soon! 😀 (Oh, and check out Matthew the redhead, Evelyn. 😉 )

Love to all!


12 thoughts on “Retreat Pics!

  1. Legos!
    A pagan temple! Oh, you stunning baby you! Of all the things I’ve built over the years for Momma, and all three grandbabies, I’ve never built a pagan temple! (hmmmm…just how many of the Little Guy’s legos do we have here at the house? what colors?) You should see the Legos we used to be able to get in Europe! Colors colors and more colors!
    Oooo! Which one is Matthew, yes, I know, the redhead, but old eyes can’t pick him out in those pictures! Do we have a close up? Huh? Do we? Do we? Gramma wants to see him before we slide him in front of Evelyn! Is he intelligent? Is he well spoken? Does he like Star Trek? Could he make her giggle?
    Love, Gramma


    • Yep, the legos were pretty epic. And just for the girls. The guys were off talking about prudence or something.

      Matthew is wearing a cap in most of his pics… He is intelligent, and I didn’t ask about Star Trek. And he’s mine, not for Evelyn; she has Max! 😛



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