What is adoration?

You are going to hear a lot about Adoration for while, so I’m going to explain it for those of you who don’t know.

We Catholics, as you know, believe that the bread and wine at Mass actually becomes Jesus’s body and blood. So, we honor the body of Christ by placing the Host in a special container called a monstrance. Here’s a pic-

So, we place the host in the center, and then we kneel or lay prostrate on the floor and just talk directly to Jesus, the word made flesh, God himself in a tiny bit of flour and water.

It is one of the most powerful experiences you can ever have.

Anyway, you can get some HUGE Gifts of the Holy Spirit during adoration. Here are the most common-

Tears- You start crying.You feel deeply ashamed, because you can feel God right there with you, and His infinite love and perfection make you feel even more deeply your sins. And yet you are full of irrational joy because God, the creator of the universe and snails and oceans and E-flat, is right with you, is spending His time with YOU. And you are laughing and crying and shaking, and it is so beautiful.

Resting in the Spirit- God is giving you a bear hug. You first start shaking, because your soul longs to fall before God and your body wants to stay up. And then, the world distances itself. You can still hear, smell, feel, but none of that matters, because God is all of a sudden filling you, coming into your deepest self. You fall over. Some people hear voices, experience visions, start laughing or holding conversations with God, or just shake. You can also feel like you are in the sunshine, even if you are indoors. You can move if you want, but you don’t want. You just want to be.

Smell of Roses– many people smell roses during adoration, even if there are no flowers of any sort around. The smell can cling to a person for days later.

Tongues- This one is actually fairly rare, though I do know people who have had it. It’s not the traditional idea of just being able to speak German all of a sudden. It was explained to me more as speaking gibberish which everyone heard in their own tongue, even if theirs was a remote dialect with a specific inflection from one 2-square-mile town in Lithuania. It is an amazing gift for anyone to have.

So, that is cleared up, expect more late from the Retreat!

Love to all!



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