Retreat Pics (Official) for Day One!

Love to all!-Tani


3 thoughts on “Retreat Pics (Official) for Day One!

  1. More important comment – I really like the Marian Shrine, very nice.
    But, on a naughtier note! Ooooo! Matt is cute even if he obviously doesn’t like his picture taken!
    Love, Gramma


  2. Finally getting around to commenting.
    Okay, Matt gets bonus points for taste in hats. He wears that very well, and it’s Hurley.(I have a Hurley jacket that I’m quite fond of.)
    Even more bonus points for being subdued at the right time.
    By the power invested in me by the State of Insanity, I hereby pronounce him Acceptable. You may stalk the groom. *bangs gavel*


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