Tani needs a nap.

Why does Tani need a nap? Because Tani has a long and exhausting and AWESOME day ahead of her. Around 2:30, I’m leaving to go to Physical Therapy. It ends at 4:00. From there, I travel to St. Ambrose, to meet a few peeps from Confirmation class. We all get into our van at 5:00. We drive across town to St. Thomas. At 6:30, the epic event known as XLT (Exalt written in cool speak) begins, which includes music, a talk about a relevant subject, and adoration (ahhhh! :D) And after THAT ends, around 7:30, the fantabulous Ike Ndolo Band is performing at St. Thomas until 9:30 or so! EEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPP!!!!! *Dances around*

This is going to be a long day.

And yes, this was a brag post. Ha!



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