Mike’s epic blog is epic.

Hello everyone! Because Tani likes to send random traffic to her friends blogs, and my dear friend/unofficially-adopted-brother Mike now has a blog, how about you guys all do me a quick favor and check out his blog here. Beware, though, do not read unless you have time to read every single sentence of each post. Mike is a far better writer than I am, but he does use a lot of words to make his point, and skimming over his posts will just cause general confusion. Also, this is a blog about theology and stuff from a Catholic perspective, so all my protestant buddies (which is… everyone) should exercise caution unless you want your beliefs radically challenged and our beliefs explained to the letter. Because he’ll do that, and it’s pretty danged awesome. (yeah, this guy is one of my favorite people alive. Even if I spend most of our conversations feeling foolish.)

Love to all!



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