Catholic Bashing

It’s been going on for years. Millennia, actually. Except now, more often than not Catholic are insulted and ridiculed instead of being drawn and quartered or lit on fire. Still, as a frustrated Catholic here, I have to ask why in the heck people hate us so much!


Reason 1: The Priest Scandals-

Yeah, we get a LOT of flack for this. Maybe because people used to think that a priest was the safest person to be around, and then a small number of evil men infiltrated the seminaries. Even though the bulk of this happened a great many years ago, and was very much due to the sexual revolution and the new idea that people should be able to have sex with whatever they want whenever they want (which the people who get after us the most still champion) we still get bothered for it. Very recently, I saw a crude cartoon about the pope on one of my favorite humor sites! What people really need to realize is that you are far more likely to be abused by a teacher than any religious leader. Heck, in the past two years, we have had at least 6 (that I know of) cases of sexual abuse by teachers in this district alone. Wanna guess how many cases of clerical abuse? Nada. Priests are good people, some of the best. Our pastor, Fr. Mark, is outgoing, handsome, and fiercely devoted to Jesus. And… he loves people, old, young. He’s a good man, along with 99.9999999999% of all other priests.


2: Transubstantiation!

It’s a fun word. It means that us Catholics believe that the bread and wine at mass really becomes the body and blood of Jesus. We even have the bible verses to prove it! John 6 begins with Jesus feeding the Five Thousand and walking on water. It ends with him saying that He is the bread of life, and whoever eats His flesh and drinks His blood will live in Him and He in them. Now, if he can do the HUGE miracles of walking on water and making five loaves of bread feed the population of Savannah, Missouri, not including women and children, and then walk on water, why the heck shouldn’t we believe that He has the power to change bread into His body? And for those who think he was just speaking a metaphor, many of His followers leave him after this in disgust, but does he run after them to say he was just being metaphorical? No. He lets them leave and continues to talk to the people who stayed! And then, at the last Supper, He says “This is My Body! This Is My Blood!” Why is it we choose to listen to His statements about love and forgiveness, but choose to ignore the statements about the Eucharist?


3: They don’t read the bible

Dudes, please. We COMPILED the bible. You butchered it. You took out Judith and Maccabees and several verses of the Gospels. WE still have the entire bible in it’s glory, the exact way that the Holy Spirit led us to put it together over 1500 years ago. Yeah, you say, The Holy Spirit my foot. That’s just you Catholic types trying to only present the version of the bible you want the world to see. But, my friends, it was the Holy Spirit that inspired Paul, Ezekiel, Moses, and St. John to write the stories they did, and obviously if He led them to write these things, He wanted them seen. So He led a council of bishops over several years to put together the bible as we know it out of thousands of books and letters, a great many of them fakes or irrelevant. Then, after 1000 years,  a rebel monk decided to get uppity and take out some bits of theology he didn’t much like, and BOOM, the firestorm started. Now we have a few hundred versions of the bible. But who has the original? Yeah. That’s right. US. And we do read it, we just can’t quote from memory every little inane bit of twaddle from the Good Book.


Hopefully I have managed to explain myself here. Love to all!



23 thoughts on “Catholic Bashing

  1. Well, yes, but Jesus also said that we are sheep, which was a metaphor, and that we must be born again, which was a metaphor. Seeing a pattern here? And honestly, and this will sounds harsh… Does it REALLY matter? Either the bread and wine is literally His blood and body, or it isn’t. I believe in what it MEANS, and that’s what matters. Why would Jesus care if I believe that I’m ingesting him or not??

    I hate to say it, because I hate disagreeing with you, but I do consider your part about “quoting every inane bit of twaddle” rather offensive. Really? I think we all know at least one story of somebody who was greatly helped with the right verse at the right time. Whatever happened to “I will hide Your words in me heart…”?
    Just because YOU don’t do something is no reason to talk down to those of us that do. I think that if some Catholics did that, they would be bashed a lot less frequently. You have to admit that to us Protestants, y’all do have a tendancy to project a “holier than thou” image. “We get to go to Heaven because we’re right and you’re wrong,” seems to be the general tone of this post, and it’s less than Christlike as far as love goes. :/


  2. What would it matter whether it’s really Christ’s body? Simple. The one who does not eat the body and drink the blood of Christ doesn’t have eternal life (Jn 6:54) and the one who eats and drinks without believing in the actuality of Christ’s presence eats and drinks judgement upon himself for “not discerning the body and blood of the Lord” (1 Cor 11:29)


    • Good point, but I personally interpret that scripture to go hand in hand with “when two or more are gathered in My Name.” 🙂 I believe that He is very much, 100 percent there. But I do not believe that He is there in the form of bread.

      As a Protestant, I don’t believe that you are WRONG, per say. It would take a while to explain, though, and I would probably have to draw a picture to fully explain it… I think I feel a blog post brewing. LOL.

      Oh my gosh… Somebody who mentions symbolism. YES!!! It has been three freaking YEARS since I found one! My day is made.


  3. And regarding Catholics being holier-than-thou, it seems to me like it’s usually the Catholics who snivel and are politically correct while the Protestants tell us we’re wrong. But I digress.

    I will say that no part of the Bible should be called “inane”. It’s all there for a reason and is all intensely symbolic, believe it or not.


  4. Be careful with that difference. Do you really not believe that we are wrong, honestly, truly, or can you just not bring yourself to face that you do? There is a very frightening, thin line there that has recently made my life very complicated…


      • Anything, really. You have to know whether or not you think someone is wrong or not, and if you don’t think that they’re wrong but at the same time you disagree with them, then you have to figure out how that isn’t a contradiction.


        • O….k?
          So what you’re saying behind the confusing sentence structure is: You can think something is right but disagree with it. Well, thats doubly wrong, because you are purposefully deluding yourself when you know the truth. And why the heck would anyone do that?


          • I don’t know what I’m really trying to say. I think that the gist of it is that you need to be on one side or the other, not in between. Maybe.


            • I am personally on the side of Catholics being right, but I am quite sure that Evelyn is on the side of Protestants being right, because both of us believe we know the truth. If I knew Evelyn was right and yet I still clung to my own beliefs, I would be a fool. Do you know what you believe?


        • “and if you don’t think that they’re wrong but at the same time you disagree with them”

          Who disagrees without thinking the other side is wrong? I’ve never met such a person as that.


  5. Of course not. But when it comes to God, life is always certain. What is He says is true and just. Everything we are, all of our thoughts and our feelings and our relationships, are clouded by sin and ignorance and therefore cannot ever 100% rock solid. But if God has said something, than it is solid, because He made the concepts of solid and true and love and knowledge and everything else.


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