Life update!

Did you know it’s been a year since I got my diagnosis for chronic ligament laxity and hyper-flexibility? Time flies, people!

Anyway, my life is pretty much dictated by Mom and her cravings right now. I babysit while she naps, bake whatever it is she thinks she wants (this week: poundcake, last week: refried beans) and shoulder the discipline and all. I go to the gym five days a week, play with my chickens for an hour a day, and study BYC for info on things I might need to know on the show table. And I do schoolwork. Latin is still as sucky as ever. Math is getting easier (still hate all the x’s and y’s and powers they toss in) and I should be done with it in about a month.

I was planning on getting some baby chicks today, but the deal fell through last minute, so I’m stuck. Ah well.

So how is everyone else doing, then?

Love to all!



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