New post from Mike- Proof of Christ’s Divinity in The Book of Revelations!


This is a very good post from Mike today, about all of the little things in the book of Revelations that show that Jesus is, indeed, God. And this time, the post is illustrated! Yay! 😛

Love to all!


Mary: Our Protector.

I have heard quite a bit of talking lately on how Mary is unworthy of honor, how there is no proof that she should be revered, and that she really does nothing to help us. Well, I was reading an amazing book called Angels and Devils, by renowned  author Joan Carroll Cruz, and in one chapter (108 to be exact) on exorcism, several examples are given of the devils terror of Mary. I shall quote here one of the examples given-

“The fear which the devil has for the Blessed Virgin was demonstrated in one exorcism when the priest, during the third session, told the devil, “That’s enough! You are going to leave, for the Virgin Mary has ordered you to; it’s not for me anymore, a little servant of God, but from the Virgin Mary!” Turning to the shrine (for all of you non-Catholics, that’s a statue of the Virgin, usually with flowers around it, NOT  a worship station) of the Blessed Virgin, the priest continued, “Come, Virgin Mary, make Satan depart! One little gesture from you, and the devil will go back to hell!”

The devil could endure this no longer and began to stammer and shriek, “Madam… Madam… I am frightened, Madam! We can’t say anything to you, great Lady! It is forbidden to us! I am frightened! I am frightened! She is coming! She is descending from the clouds! No, no! Leave me a little while longer! Just a little while longer!” Then, turning to the priest, the devil snarled, “You don’t frighten me!” Then quieter, ” I’m afraid of her, the great Lady, of her alone, for I can do nothing against her, her will prevails!” Then as thought the Lady had spoken to the Devil, he answered, “I shall have to go! I shall have to! Yes, Madam.” The possessed woman was then relieved of her sufferings. (Christiani,op. cit. p 145)

In a letter dated February, 1959, Fr. Berger-Berges, a long time exorcist, remarked on the Devils respect for the Blessed Virgin. The priest writes that, “Many a time Satan has had to confess, ‘SHE is the most powerful.’ ‘I can do nothing against you, Great Lady.’ ‘I can’t manage anything, because of her! Something makes me say this… Something… that is, God!” The priest also disclosed, “Never, never has Satan been known to insult the Blessed Virgin!” (Ibid, p. 124)

Now, it stands to reason that if the devils are admittedly evil, (we can all agree on this, right?) and all of them even to Satan himself, are terror-stricken at the mere mention of Mary, and evil is afraid of good… well, Mary must be good, and not only good, but powerful! Not as powerful as God, but she is given power over the devil by God. From Genesis to Revelations, Mary is seen as a woman who crushes the snake (the traditional personification of Satan.) Just as a woman in the beginning surrendered to Satan, so a woman subdued him.

And as for Mary being our Mother? Well, one of the last things that Christ says on the cross is, “Woman, behold, your son!” Then he said to the disciple, “Behold, your mother!”  (John 19: 27) Christ was not just giving St. John the task of caring for his mom, He is also giving His mom the task of caring for all of His people! In asking John to care for Mary, He names John His Brother. In the Gospels, He names us as His siblings when he says “Our Father.” Not “My Father” but “OUR Father.” In Jewish tradition, when the eldest died, the other siblings would all help their mom, and she would do things like help cook or babysit or plant. Jesus gives His Mother to ALL OF US. And He gives us to her, to love and care for like any mom would.

And like every Mom, she protects her children from danger. We all have siblings. We’ve all seen Mom grab the kid who is sticking the fork in the socket, or about to toddle off a cliff or into the road. Any Mom worth her salt would gladly jump in front of a train to put her child out of the way, even if it meant the end of her life. We’ve heard stories of moms that succumbed to disease because they would rather die than abort their unborn child. Moms protect their kids, it’s what they do best. Mary is our Spiritual mother, so she protects us from the grave spiritual dangers that the devil places in front of us. Because of her love for her Son, she loves all that her Son loves, namely, us. And nothing, and I mean NOTHING, scares the devil more than love. For is not God Himself Love?

On that note, Love to all!


(Be impressed, I held the book in my lap and typed out every word.)

C.S. Lewis and how the acceptance of gay sex leads to the eradication of friendship

Stolen from Lifesite News- I think this really shows another one of the problems that our cultures blind acceptance of homosexuality can cause. I’ve been guilty of thinking “oh, they are really close… are they gay?” several times, and I have also been on the receiving ends of those thoughts.

June 13, 2012 ( – When close friends are presented in film or literature today, the conclusion is often: ‘Oh, they are gay.’ One of the tragedies of our culture, in its vigorous acceptance of the homosexual agenda, is the corrosion of a true understanding of friendship. What is ‘Friendship’? Have we lost our concept of it?

Today, Friendship is considered either mere casual companionship, or, if it is something deeper, a latent sexual urge. But traditionally, Friendship was neither of these things.

In The Four Loves, novelist and philosopher C. S. Lewis describes Friendship as a love in its own right, as great as Eros (romantic love), but entirely separate from it.

“Those who cannot conceive Friendship as a substantive love, but only as a disguise or elaboration of Eros, betray the fact that they have never had a Friend,” Lewis declares.

Friendship is founded on the vital question: “Do you see the same truth?” It occurs when two people perceive the same thing, or pursue the same end, separate from others. “Friendship is unnecessary,” Lewis states, “like philosophy, like art, like the universe itself. … It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival.”

Ancient tradition often portrays the earnest—but non-erotic—love between people of the same sex. Examples of deep friendships are found throughout literature, such as Achilles and Patroclus in Homer’s The Iliad, David and Jonathan in the Bible, or, later, Rosalind and Celia in Shakespeare’s As You Like It.

“To the Ancients,” Lewis states, “Friendship seemed the happiest and most fully human of all loves; the crown of life and the school of virtue.”

It is clear that love between two people of the same sex can be profound and deep—this is established in literature and history. But, incongruously, these friendships are now taken as evidenceof homosexuality.

In The Last Battle, Lewis says that mixing truth with a lie makes the lie much stronger. People point to the truth of friendship—and the very real love that’s found there—and say: ‘Here is proof of homosexuality!’

“To say that every Friendship is consciously and explicitly homosexual would be too obviously false;” Lewis states, explaining that ‘wiseacres’ then accuse deep friendship of being somehowsubconsciously gay.

“The fact that no positive evidence of homosexuality can be discovered in the behaviour of two Friends,” Lewis continues, “does not disconcert the wiseacres at all: ‘That’, they say gravely, ‘is just what we should expect.’ The very lack of evidence is thus treated as evidence; the absence of smoke proves that the fire is very carefully hidden. Yes – if it exists at all. But we must first prove its existence.”

Looking for subconscious homosexuality in friendship, Lewis argues, is like looking for an invisible cat: “‘If there were an invisible cat in that chair, the chair would look empty; but the chair does look empty; therefore there is an invisible cat in it.’ A belief in invisible cats cannot perhaps be logically disproved,” he says, “but it tells us a good deal about those who hold it.”

Of course, Friendship has, on rare occasions, been combined with a homosexual urge. But this is not its natural or normal outcome. “In deciding… where [homosexuality] crept in and where it did not,” Lewis states, “we must surely be guided by the evidence—when there is any—and not by an a prioritheory.”

To presume that every love is, deep down, driven by a biological urge puts humanity on an animal level; we can think better of ourselves than to imagine that Friendship springs from mere sexual instinct. We are capable of deeper love than that.”

I’m pretty sure that Evelyn won’t read or agree with this, but ah well. Please don’t take it as me urging you to convert, though, Evs!

Love to all!


Today is a miserable day.

Really. And if happy Tani says today is a miserable day, than today is a pretty friggin’ miserable day! Why? Well, first, I went out to the coop to find the cold, stiff corpse of my beloved duck, Clovis. As I threw said cadaver over the wall and into the wash, I found the last bits of gore and feathers belonging to my oldest hen and best layer, who disappeared three days ago. I went inside, and slipped pretty bad on a puddle of milk left by Isaac, and wrenched my knee totally out of place (ow?) Then, said Isaac went and stole my wallet, which has yet to be found.

And to top it all off?

Meet the new Federoff BOY.  

I think I shall just go to bed now. And cry.





Cynicism and Wonder! (Deep Thoughts Posting!)

If I had to pick one adjective to describe the culture, that adjective would be cynical. This is a world where innocence and sweetness have been all but eradicated, where people do unspeakable things to one another and nobody cares. Where we watch so much violent and explicit media that our own imaginations don’t even register the evils we see around us. Cannibals, pornography, kids murdering their parents, parents murdering their kids, torture, disease, extreme poverty, it’s easy just to fall into the depressing mindset of just thinking this is never going to get better, so why try? This is the mindset of the modern man, the cynic.

In the dictionary, cynical is defined as “bitterly or sneeringly distrustful, contemptuous, or pessimistic.” And yes, I have, for several years, been a cynic. Being cynical erodes your trust and your innocence. It is not fun to be at all. You get depressed. The world becomes an ugly and untrustworthy place. You think you know everything, and everything is worthless to know. Does this sound familiar? If so, welcome to the club. You’ll never be able to leave.

Or will you? Is there a way to combat cynicism? A cure for the gloom? I say yes. And what is this antidote? Is it an antidepressant? A lifestyle? Could popping a pill be the way to cheer up on this gloomy rock?

Well, not really. My answer to cynicism is… look up.

Or look down-

Or look in-











Or look out-
























In general, just look at all those things that you could never understand or think up on your own. Look at the things that make you gasp in awe at the creativity and perfection of God. Look at the world in wonder.

Can you believe all that God has done for us? All that he is doing? Yes, the world may have problems. Yes, it may seem like there is a cancerous blight in everything we see. But look deeper. Look at the symmetry of those flowers. At all the marvelous colors in the stars. Look how our skin protects our delicate veins and nerves. At how our eyes flip images and send them electrically to the back of our brains, then sends them right back again the right way up. Look at everything! God made the world and said it was good, He made us and said we are very good. For every little thing that is wrong, a hundred huge things are right and good and beautiful in the universe.

So yes, is it tempting to be cynical, to say to God, “Yeah, You made this world, but it just ain’t good enough!” And yes, we all do give into that temptation. But the next time you feel cynical, the next time the word seems blighted, take a deep breath, marvel at all the cells that God made in your lungs, and enjoy all the indescribable, incomprehensible beauty of His creation.

And, to go with this theme, the songs of the next week are two.

Love to all!


Media portrayal of Christians infuriates me.

So, I had a sleepover last night with my dearest and oldest friend, Miriam. As per tradition, we stayed up all night watching whatever Netflix instant streaming shows caught our fancy. After watching the last scene of “North and South” (our collective favorite miniseries) a few dozen times, we decided to try something different.  So, out of curiosity and the fact it was 12:43 at night, we put on “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.”

To begin ripping on it, let me just say that I have yet to meet a teenager that has a secret life that torid. The main plot line is a 15 year old get pregnant, falls in love with someone else, the someone else is in love with someone else, who is in love with the guy who got the original girl pregnant, who is in love with the obligatory scantily-clad skank. Everyone is having sex, all the time, everywhere. The idea behind it seems to be “have as much sex as you want, but getting pregnant is the only sin there is.”

Now, before we tackle those huge misses in logic, let’s tackle one of the main characters, aptly named Grace, who comes from a Christian family with down syndrome brother, dress codes, and an apparently deep prayer life. She still dresses like a slut, but she’s a slut who loudly and cheesily proclaims every chance she gets “I’m waiting for marriage!” denying her boyfriend from the sex he so ardently needs. She is portrayed throughout the entire show, or at least what we watched (five episodes give a person a good idea,) as a prude, as naive, and generally as a freak who has no life except for Church and Jesus. Everyone takes advantage of her, because she is seen as trusting everyone, even the antagonist. She lets anyone do whatever they want, because Jesus will forgive them! Except when the main character goes in for an abortion (she doesn’t get one, surprisingly) and Grace goes to the clinic and screams like a maniac, yelling that it’s murder and she won’t let the other girl do it.

The other characters, the ones who are completely un-Christian, are seen as suave, cool, smart, rich, and of course since they’re having promiscuous sex, completely happy. Except for the pregnant one, but hey, price of the ride, right? Sure, the protagonist does end up choosing life for her baby, but what these imbecilic show-creators don’t get is that pro-life starts a LONG time before becoming pregnant. It starts with not making those choices that lead to babies. Saying “I love you” and passionately kissing on a first date is not a pro-life thing to do, because kissing like that leads to more and more sexual things, because we are addicted to the thrill of endorphins that race through our bloodstreams during sexual arousal. However, this is what Amy, the main character, does. She’s fifteen. No offense to certain infatuated blondes, but kissing at 15 isn’t all that good of an idea.

What irks me the most, however, is that this show is catered to kids my age. Teens. Freshmen. Kids!! And they shout and shout about how promiscuous sex, friends-with-benefits, dressing like a streetwalker, and masturbation are all good an healthy and fun things to do. How you can never be cool, popular, or loved if you don’t do it. And how Christians are all idiots and mindless sheep who are missing all the fun because they are relying on their invisibly teddy bear in the sky. Since they present this as the secret life of the average American teen, teens would naturally assume that this is normal behavior! A normal mindset of selfishness and lust! Self control is for those sticks-in-the-mud. Loving Jesus is just for forever-alone twits.

This is either one of two things. Either A) They don’t know squat about Christians and just delved into a few stereotypes, or B) they know about Christian beliefs, but are purposefully misrepresenting them for the sake of getting teens away from them. Either way, this is unacceptable. But par for the course, seeing as it’s always in vogue to be dissing Christians. It’s good for the ratings, I hear.

Love to all!