Media portrayal of Christians infuriates me.

So, I had a sleepover last night with my dearest and oldest friend, Miriam. As per tradition, we stayed up all night watching whatever Netflix instant streaming shows caught our fancy. After watching the last scene of “North and South” (our collective favorite miniseries) a few dozen times, we decided to try something different.  So, out of curiosity and the fact it was 12:43 at night, we put on “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.”

To begin ripping on it, let me just say that I have yet to meet a teenager that has a secret life that torid. The main plot line is a 15 year old get pregnant, falls in love with someone else, the someone else is in love with someone else, who is in love with the guy who got the original girl pregnant, who is in love with the obligatory scantily-clad skank. Everyone is having sex, all the time, everywhere. The idea behind it seems to be “have as much sex as you want, but getting pregnant is the only sin there is.”

Now, before we tackle those huge misses in logic, let’s tackle one of the main characters, aptly named Grace, who comes from a Christian family with down syndrome brother, dress codes, and an apparently deep prayer life. She still dresses like a slut, but she’s a slut who loudly and cheesily proclaims every chance she gets “I’m waiting for marriage!” denying her boyfriend from the sex he so ardently needs. She is portrayed throughout the entire show, or at least what we watched (five episodes give a person a good idea,) as a prude, as naive, and generally as a freak who has no life except for Church and Jesus. Everyone takes advantage of her, because she is seen as trusting everyone, even the antagonist. She lets anyone do whatever they want, because Jesus will forgive them! Except when the main character goes in for an abortion (she doesn’t get one, surprisingly) and Grace goes to the clinic and screams like a maniac, yelling that it’s murder and she won’t let the other girl do it.

The other characters, the ones who are completely un-Christian, are seen as suave, cool, smart, rich, and of course since they’re having promiscuous sex, completely happy. Except for the pregnant one, but hey, price of the ride, right? Sure, the protagonist does end up choosing life for her baby, but what these imbecilic show-creators don’t get is that pro-life starts a LONG time before becoming pregnant. It starts with not making those choices that lead to babies. Saying “I love you” and passionately kissing on a first date is not a pro-life thing to do, because kissing like that leads to more and more sexual things, because we are addicted to the thrill of endorphins that race through our bloodstreams during sexual arousal. However, this is what Amy, the main character, does. She’s fifteen. No offense to certain infatuated blondes, but kissing at 15 isn’t all that good of an idea.

What irks me the most, however, is that this show is catered to kids my age. Teens. Freshmen. Kids!! And they shout and shout about how promiscuous sex, friends-with-benefits, dressing like a streetwalker, and masturbation are all good an healthy and fun things to do. How you can never be cool, popular, or loved if you don’t do it. And how Christians are all idiots and mindless sheep who are missing all the fun because they are relying on their invisibly teddy bear in the sky. Since they present this as the secret life of the average American teen, teens would naturally assume that this is normal behavior! A normal mindset of selfishness and lust! Self control is for those sticks-in-the-mud. Loving Jesus is just for forever-alone twits.

This is either one of two things. Either A) They don’t know squat about Christians and just delved into a few stereotypes, or B) they know about Christian beliefs, but are purposefully misrepresenting them for the sake of getting teens away from them. Either way, this is unacceptable. But par for the course, seeing as it’s always in vogue to be dissing Christians. It’s good for the ratings, I hear.

Love to all!



10 thoughts on “Media portrayal of Christians infuriates me.

  1. UGH!!! Even aside from the offensive and quite ridiculous way most TV shows portray Christians, what really gets me is how extremely unlikely and unrealistic they are. I mean, I doubt any teenager, even one who engages in sex, has that messed up of a social or “secret” life. I mean, what the heck…….. most people don’t find *true love* when they’re what, 16 or 15 years old anyway. How about a show for teens that portrays them as anything but sex-obsessed puerile idiots?!?!


    • I know! I didn’t mention it above, but two of the main characters, a 14 and a 15 year old, are getting married a few episodes from now. MARRIED. Ridonkulous!


  2. I just absolutely hate our society’s obsession with sex, sex, and more sex. It gets pushed in our face constantly! ANYWHERE you go, you’ll find SOMETHING wrong in that department. I guess Our Lord has “given [America] over to its shameful lusts” (Romans 1:26)


  3. I’m going to purposefully ignore that part about “certain infatuated blondes.”

    I have to disagree with the assumption that they are portraying this as the average teenager’s life. If it was totally normal, why is it a SECRET life?
    There’s a lot more I could say, but for the greater good, I’ll stop here….


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