Cynicism and Wonder! (Deep Thoughts Posting!)

If I had to pick one adjective to describe the culture, that adjective would be cynical. This is a world where innocence and sweetness have been all but eradicated, where people do unspeakable things to one another and nobody cares. Where we watch so much violent and explicit media that our own imaginations don’t even register the evils we see around us. Cannibals, pornography, kids murdering their parents, parents murdering their kids, torture, disease, extreme poverty, it’s easy just to fall into the depressing mindset of just thinking this is never going to get better, so why try? This is the mindset of the modern man, the cynic.

In the dictionary, cynical is defined as “bitterly or sneeringly distrustful, contemptuous, or pessimistic.” And yes, I have, for several years, been a cynic. Being cynical erodes your trust and your innocence. It is not fun to be at all. You get depressed. The world becomes an ugly and untrustworthy place. You think you know everything, and everything is worthless to know. Does this sound familiar? If so, welcome to the club. You’ll never be able to leave.

Or will you? Is there a way to combat cynicism? A cure for the gloom? I say yes. And what is this antidote? Is it an antidepressant? A lifestyle? Could popping a pill be the way to cheer up on this gloomy rock?

Well, not really. My answer to cynicism is… look up.

Or look down-

Or look in-











Or look out-
























In general, just look at all those things that you could never understand or think up on your own. Look at the things that make you gasp in awe at the creativity and perfection of God. Look at the world in wonder.

Can you believe all that God has done for us? All that he is doing? Yes, the world may have problems. Yes, it may seem like there is a cancerous blight in everything we see. But look deeper. Look at the symmetry of those flowers. At all the marvelous colors in the stars. Look how our skin protects our delicate veins and nerves. At how our eyes flip images and send them electrically to the back of our brains, then sends them right back again the right way up. Look at everything! God made the world and said it was good, He made us and said we are very good. For every little thing that is wrong, a hundred huge things are right and good and beautiful in the universe.

So yes, is it tempting to be cynical, to say to God, “Yeah, You made this world, but it just ain’t good enough!” And yes, we all do give into that temptation. But the next time you feel cynical, the next time the word seems blighted, take a deep breath, marvel at all the cells that God made in your lungs, and enjoy all the indescribable, incomprehensible beauty of His creation.

And, to go with this theme, the songs of the next week are two.

Love to all!



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