Mary: Our Protector.

I have heard quite a bit of talking lately on how Mary is unworthy of honor, how there is no proof that she should be revered, and that she really does nothing to help us. Well, I was reading an amazing book called Angels and Devils, by renowned  author Joan Carroll Cruz, and in one chapter (108 to be exact) on exorcism, several examples are given of the devils terror of Mary. I shall quote here one of the examples given-

“The fear which the devil has for the Blessed Virgin was demonstrated in one exorcism when the priest, during the third session, told the devil, “That’s enough! You are going to leave, for the Virgin Mary has ordered you to; it’s not for me anymore, a little servant of God, but from the Virgin Mary!” Turning to the shrine (for all of you non-Catholics, that’s a statue of the Virgin, usually with flowers around it, NOT  a worship station) of the Blessed Virgin, the priest continued, “Come, Virgin Mary, make Satan depart! One little gesture from you, and the devil will go back to hell!”

The devil could endure this no longer and began to stammer and shriek, “Madam… Madam… I am frightened, Madam! We can’t say anything to you, great Lady! It is forbidden to us! I am frightened! I am frightened! She is coming! She is descending from the clouds! No, no! Leave me a little while longer! Just a little while longer!” Then, turning to the priest, the devil snarled, “You don’t frighten me!” Then quieter, ” I’m afraid of her, the great Lady, of her alone, for I can do nothing against her, her will prevails!” Then as thought the Lady had spoken to the Devil, he answered, “I shall have to go! I shall have to! Yes, Madam.” The possessed woman was then relieved of her sufferings. (Christiani,op. cit. p 145)

In a letter dated February, 1959, Fr. Berger-Berges, a long time exorcist, remarked on the Devils respect for the Blessed Virgin. The priest writes that, “Many a time Satan has had to confess, ‘SHE is the most powerful.’ ‘I can do nothing against you, Great Lady.’ ‘I can’t manage anything, because of her! Something makes me say this… Something… that is, God!” The priest also disclosed, “Never, never has Satan been known to insult the Blessed Virgin!” (Ibid, p. 124)

Now, it stands to reason that if the devils are admittedly evil, (we can all agree on this, right?) and all of them even to Satan himself, are terror-stricken at the mere mention of Mary, and evil is afraid of good… well, Mary must be good, and not only good, but powerful! Not as powerful as God, but she is given power over the devil by God. From Genesis to Revelations, Mary is seen as a woman who crushes the snake (the traditional personification of Satan.) Just as a woman in the beginning surrendered to Satan, so a woman subdued him.

And as for Mary being our Mother? Well, one of the last things that Christ says on the cross is, “Woman, behold, your son!” Then he said to the disciple, “Behold, your mother!”  (John 19: 27) Christ was not just giving St. John the task of caring for his mom, He is also giving His mom the task of caring for all of His people! In asking John to care for Mary, He names John His Brother. In the Gospels, He names us as His siblings when he says “Our Father.” Not “My Father” but “OUR Father.” In Jewish tradition, when the eldest died, the other siblings would all help their mom, and she would do things like help cook or babysit or plant. Jesus gives His Mother to ALL OF US. And He gives us to her, to love and care for like any mom would.

And like every Mom, she protects her children from danger. We all have siblings. We’ve all seen Mom grab the kid who is sticking the fork in the socket, or about to toddle off a cliff or into the road. Any Mom worth her salt would gladly jump in front of a train to put her child out of the way, even if it meant the end of her life. We’ve heard stories of moms that succumbed to disease because they would rather die than abort their unborn child. Moms protect their kids, it’s what they do best. Mary is our Spiritual mother, so she protects us from the grave spiritual dangers that the devil places in front of us. Because of her love for her Son, she loves all that her Son loves, namely, us. And nothing, and I mean NOTHING, scares the devil more than love. For is not God Himself Love?

On that note, Love to all!


(Be impressed, I held the book in my lap and typed out every word.)


12 thoughts on “Mary: Our Protector.

  1. Problem here. As far as I remember, Jesus only says “our Father” once: when teaching people how to pray. Every other time He distinguishes by means of “My” and “your”, since He is the only begotten Son and we aren’t.


  2. Hey Tanichca,

    I am impressed you typed it all out! I hope your hand is feeling better.

    I hope you do not mind me commenting here, but I wanted to share my thoughts on some of the points you brought up about Mary. If indeed the stories Mr. Cruz shared were in fact true, you would hold a valid point. But I can find no validity of the examples shared. I believe all we need is in Scripture. I find nothing about giving Mary honor or glory, or of the devil being frightened of her. Supernatural events do happen, but the “descending from heaven” part seems to me like what Jesus will do in the coming time, like he ascended. Again, perhaps taking Jesus’ place in some aspects of the Christian life.

    According to Genesis (3:15), the “woman” is used to symbolize future generations, how we all (men and women) have a sin nature and will fight evil all of our lives. The other major passage referring to a woman is in Revelation (12), the woman is symbolizing the nation of Israel, Gods chosen people. And through that giving us some of what will happen in the end times.

    In light of this, I personally do not see any Bible evidence showing that Mary is to be worshipped/honored. I pray you will reconsider your beliefs and search the Scriptures to find Truth, the Lord Jesus Christ.



    • It’s not in the Bible that E equals MC2, either. Or that the earth is composed of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, et cetera.
      Scripture is not all we need. It doesn’t teach you to count change or balance a checkbook, now does it? Still good things to know.
      Matthew, it’s things like this that give you and your fellow Christians the appearence of innocent newborn babies. I, for one, don’t appreciate it.
      Find something else to pray for… Tani already HAS found truth in Jesus Christ.


  3. Evelyn,

    No, I agree, there are a lot of things that are not in the Bible. If the Bible gave us everything we need to do, like a book of rules, it would be too long to ever read, nor understand. Instead, the Bible has given us principles. We need to take those principles and apply them to different circumstances, like balancing a checkbook. The Bible gives information on handling and spending your money. When applying this, it can have a direct effect on how you go about spending that money and taking care of it. In addition to that, knowing math and how to count change is not of ultimate importance in life. You need to know it, yes, but if you do not it does not mean you will be sent to hell. It is good, but not necessary.

    Evelyn, I am glad you said that, for that is exactly what true Christians should be. Mark 10:15 talks about how the only way we can enter the kingdom of heaven (become a Christian), is to enter like a child, with humility.

    Tanichca, I am sorry that I implied you were not saved. There are Catholics who are in fact born again Christians. But the religion as a whole is non-biblical. In light of that, so many of these followers are not true Christians. I cannot know whether or not you have Salvation. But, even if you are saved, by following a lot of the Catholic beliefs, you are not experiencing the true life, grace, and forgiveness Jesus Christ has given us all.

    God Bless,


    • And Catholics don’t use the Bible as a basis for daily life? I’m sorry, but how many Catholics do you actually know? Every good Catholic I know has also been a person who has relied extensively on the Holy Bible in everything they do. Every morning and evening, my family gathers to read from scripture and spend an hour in prayer. We also pray before meals, and say the Angelus and Divine Mercy chaplets at the appointed times. Is this unChristian? Will we go to hell, even though we strive to follow what we see as the Will of God, just because we think that the bread is Jesus and the Pope is in charge? Wow. Pretty lousy.

      Please enlighten me as to in what ways Catholicism is unbiblical. By your own standards, I am saved, for I do indeed trust God fully, believe in His mercy, and strive to follow His will. If however, this lands me in hell for the simple fact that I believe something different than you, I am, as they say, screwed. And God’s great mercy is a LIE, because He would put me in hell for interpreting His word as I thought it should be interpreted. Which, if I may point out, is exactly what you do as well. What if you’re wrong? What if I’m right? What if what you think is merely your pride, your human sense that you know better than anyone else? What makes you better or more deserving than me? This is not rhetorical. I expect you to answer.


    • Innocence and humility are two different things. If you can’t tell the difference, my friend, you may be taking being childlike a little far.

      In response to the last paragraph which was addressed to Tani, since you can’t know whether or not she has been saved, can you please, for the sake of a continued friendship, let the subject drop?! Honestly, if we’re both so ticked off at you that we’re uninterested in anything you have to say, are you really furthering the Kingdom of God? Here, I’ll answer that for you. No.
      You’ve expressed both concern and your own beliefs. It is now out of your hands, and NOYB.


  4. Tanichca,

    At the beginning of this conversation, on the other page. I promised to keep this conversation civil and friendly. I have freely listened to your beliefs, and you and Mike have very kindly listened to mine.

    As a Christian, I do not want to get into a mean, and therefore useless, debate with another. I believe I have shared on the other page, and above, some of the faults I have seen in your beliefs, but I cannot judge you. Only God, and His Word, can. I have strived to use the Bible as my primary source in discussing everything. If I have been judgmental in any way, I have tried to keep it towards the religion as a whole, and not directly towards you or Mike.

    All of that being said, I have decided to leave this post and will not comment further. Not in order to avoid your questions, but, as stated above, I wanted to keep this friendly, and do not want to further provoke you.

    You seem to be a very nice person, but anger is never the answer. God bless you, Tanichca.

    ~ Matthew


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