St. Maria Goretti- and why you should emulate her!

Hello, ladies and gents, and the random people from the Philippines that keep showing up (don’t ask me why.)

Yesterday was an important feast day of a very great saint, and not just for Catholics. I am sure that even my wonderful protestant friends can learn from Maria Goretti!

Most of you should know her story- a beautiful and kind girl who lived in a house with a family whose teenage son was addicted to pornography. The young man, named Alessandro, caught Maria alone in the house, and attempted to rape her. Maria refused to comply, telling him that it was a sin and that he woukd go to hell. She fought valiantly, angering the man, and he stabbed her repeatedly. She succumbed to her injuries a few hours later, and Alessandro was sent to prison. Many years later, while still in prison, Alessandro received a vision of Maria giving him flowers, one for each stab wound. He repented, and when he was let out he lived as the doorkeeper and gardener for a local monastery.

Now, why is she a saint? Is it because she defended her purity? Because she died defending it? Was it even her sweet, obedient life?

No. It was because she would rather die than let Alessandro sin. She herself would have been guiltless, since she did not sin willingly. But no. She was so desperate than Alessandro not go to hell, so loving to him even when he was going to kill her, that she died rather than see him sin.

We can all learn from this- it’s not just about our own holiness, it’s also about making sure the people around us go to heaven as well. There’s a balance in between caring for others and caring for ourselves. Maria Goretti found it, and that is why she is a saint.

That said, expect the last contraception post, finally! If you are able to get on and can handle it, the password is goretti (all lowercase.)

Love to all!


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