Tani’s Top Ten- Best Romance Movies!

So, the past few weeks have been more painful than usual, so since it’s boiling hot out the best thing to do is either read or watch movies. Now, books are a whole different kettle of fish, but today I’d like to share with you my Top Ten of movies. And since I’m a girl, and therefore a major sucker for a good romance, let’s make this the Top Ten Romance Films of ALL TATIANA TIME. Enjoy!

Best Awkward-

In the mood for a hilariously awkward movie? Then there is nothing better than While You Were Sleeping. This is the story of a socially stunted girl (played to perfection by Sanda Bullock) who harbors a massive crush on one of her regular customers at the railroad ticket stand where she works. When he suffers an accident and falls into a coma, she is mistaken by his funky family as his fiancee. However, matters get complicated when she falls in love with his brother (Bill Pullman.) It all ends very well, though, with one of the best proposal scenes I have ever seen performed.

Best Classic-

It’s the classic stories that are often the best, and the 2005 movie adaptation of Pride And Prejudice is no exception. Proud Elizabeth Bennet (a charming Keira Knightly) and the equally proud Fitzwilliam Darcy (Matthew McFayden) seem made for each other- but they never stop arguing long enough to find this out. An excellent commentary on the importance of choosing a good spouse, and a must see for any young lady.  

Best Action

For all you tomboys out there, who like the swashbuckling and wit of an action-and-adventure but still enjoy a veneer of romance, the clear choice for a movie would be The Count Of Monte Cristo. In one of the rare cases where the movie adaptation is better than the book, Edmond Dantes (Notable Christian actor Jim Caviezel) is betrayed and thrown into the torturous Chateau D’If, but escapes with a plan of revenge. He is thwarted at every turn, however, by mentions of God and His forgiveness. With some excellent lines, plently of swordplay and intrigue, and some superb acting (though not from female lead Dagmara Dominczyk,) this movie is certainly the best of its genre. (An implied sexual encounter, no nudity or other nastiness.)

Best Play Adaptation-

Ah! Shakespeare! Nobody can ever match the depths of his wit when it comes to writing. And so, in its natural place as best play adaptation, Much Ado About Nothing sits supreme. If there was one thing Beatrice (Emma Thompson) and Benedick (director Kenneth Branagh) find more distasteful than each other, it is marriage. So when their friends scheme to get them together, it is a merry hell of humor, lies, insults, and insanity.

Best Cartoon-

Are you really ever too old for cartoons? Well, if that cartoon is Disney’s Tangled, the answer is a solid no. Rapunzel (voiced by Mandy Moore) has lived her entire life in a hidden tower. When thief Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert (voiced by Zachary Levi) attempts to hide in her tower with his stolen booty, she blackmails him in to taking her outside for the first time. But neither of them could have expected to fall in love. With by far the most attractive male cartoon character ever created, this movie is perfect for all ages!

Best Fish-Out-Of-Water-

A mean, but very refined, boss (Sandra Bullock) is about to be deported due to an expired visa- and the only way she can save herself is by marrying her much put-upon assistant (Ryan Reynolds) in the movie The Proposal. He takes her to visit his wacky family in Sitka, Alaska, where she has to learn to hunt and sail and deal with the freezing water. Eventually, the two do fall in love, but it’s a long and hilarious road to that point. (One awkward scene involving nudity, though nobody is ever shown naked.)

Best Emotional-

A tale of hearts lost and found, Return To Me centers on widowed Bob (David Duchovny) and Grace (Minnie Driver,) the woman who got his late wife’s heart after an automobile accident. Full of situational irony, emotions, and sweet moments, this movie would have you in tears if not for the comedic relief of Grace’s grandpa and his three best friends- who lighten up the movie with some superb banter. Excellent, excellent film.

Best Foreign-

Another case of mistaken identity and initial dislike is what fuels The Decoy Bride. Poor and desperate to take her dying mother on a final trip, Katie (Kelly MacDonald) is bribed to take the place of famous-yet-ditzy movie star Lara (Alice Eve) when Lara runs away from paparazzi on her wedding day and is nowhere to be found. However, she accidentally signs her own name on the register, and so is legally married to author James (David Tenant.) In a search across the island of Hegg for the runaway Lara, and in between escaping from photographers, her and David actually begin to fall in love, which neither of them believed existed. Sweet without becoming sappy or annoying, this is a cute movie that is put together phenomenally for the genre.

Best Series-

Elizabeth Gaskell’s masterpiece North And South was adapted into a miniseries for the BBC. When Margaret (Daniela Danby-Ashe) and her family move from the idyllic south to the harsh north of England, she is disgusted by the dirtiness, by the poverty, and above all by the apparent callousness of mill owner Thornton (a very-if-I-wasn’t-a-Catholic-I’d-call-him-sexy Richard Armitage.) But tragedy and changing times throw them together in a love story that will make you want to watch it again and again. And again. And again. (I think I’m up to 23 times now.) Also features the best kiss ever in any movie ever.

And Finally… the Best All-Around Romance Film!

In what is quite possibly the sweetest movie to be made, a young Jane (Alyssa Milano) is separated from her imaginary friend Michael (Eric Winter) when she turns 10. 20 years later, and engaged to a self-obsessed actor, Michael appears again. The two fall in love, share food, kiss, make out, have adventures, and generally add sparkle to a dreary New York. Not to be confused with Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Sundays at Tiffany’s is a fabulous film, but not for kids (one short sex scene, no nudity.)


So, there you have it. My Top Ten list for romance and frill and frippery. Here’s to a fabulous fall, everybody!

Love to all!



3 thoughts on “Tani’s Top Ten- Best Romance Movies!

  1. Cool! I really don’t like romance movies much, but cool anyway….I notice one of the movies you mention has David Tennant in it. * fangirl squeal*
    I might have to check Much Ado about nothing out at the library. I watched Branagh’s Hamlet this spring and was very impressed.
    ~ Diana


    • Well, if you’re lucky enough to have Netflix, North and South, The Decoy Bride, Return to Me, and of course Much Ado About Nothing are all available for instant streaming onto your computer or video game console.


  2. It seems we have some favorites in common! Pride & Prejudice, The Count of Monte Cristo (although the movie is NEVER better than the book!), Much Ado ABout Nothing, and Tangled are fantastic! However, I did not enjoy Return to Me, and I’ve only seen part of North and South. But Oh. Em. Gee. The Decoy Bride is like, at the top of my to-see list now, because David Tennant is… wow. Excellent.


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