That horrible moment when…

…you look up dysautonomia because someone says that the symptoms you’re experiencing fit pretty well into dysautomanias description, and lo and behold, they do.


Can’t say I’m all that surprised, seeing as quite a few other EDS sufferers have it, so if I did officially get it, it wouldn’t be all that weird, just more painful and a lot more annoying.

Anyway, to continue on this tangent, do you want to know what having EDS feels like? A fellow Zebra wrote a blog post about the most horrible things about having EDS, illustrated with memes, and in a very cute font too! Please go check it out!

Love to all!



7 thoughts on “That horrible moment when…

  1. Ick! I’m sorry, that doesn’t sound any fun. 😦 (((((((((hugs))))))))))

    Would it help if I pointed out the fantastic excuse for eating popcorn and pretzels you have? No? All right then…


  2. Oh Little One! You can come to Gramma’s house anytime. I am always well stocked up on pretzels! Salt is one of my four major food groups! Nana (my 87 year old Mother) calls Grampa her “Sugar Cube” and calls me her “Salt Lick”. (Gee, think anyone would give me a salt lick for Christmas?)
    Wrap your arms around yourself. Squeeze just an eensy bit. (we’re being very careful here) Now give yourself another eensy squeeze will just a teensy bit of patting on the back. Throw in a few tears as we are worried about dislocating something.
    There Little One. You have just had a hug.
    Love, Gramma


    • Only one problem. I hate pretzels and popcorn, with a loathing no human mind can comprehend. I prefer bacon. Lots and lots of bacon. *drool*

      Awww. Thanks for the hugs, and I’m sending one back, minus the fear of you dislocating something. (((((((((hugs!!))))))))


      • OH! OH! I’ll eat all the pretzels and popcorn to save you from suffering! I shall throw myself on the bags of goodies! But BACON! Oh Little One! We just finished supper………….are ya ready for this one? Toasted cheese sandwiches – with Velveeta Cheese (yes, Gramma loves junk food), fresh tomatoes from the deck, and …………..(insert drum roll here) BACON!!! It’s BACON! I’ll make the sandwiches again this weekend so you can drool some more!
        Love, Gramma
        P.S. Not to worry about dislocating too many things – just my hips. Oh my, when I’ve sat in front of the television playing Skyrim too long the hips really complain – but that would be my own fault huh?


  3. Well Little One you have started a trend at Gramma & Grampa’s house. We had “Tani Sandwiches” for dinner. Grampa thanks you very very much!
    Love, Gramma


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