What’s really important.

As a Church, we Catholics (and heck, Christians in general) are a diverse and argumentative group. We sit and complain all day that the choirs were bad, the priest was facing the wrong way, some bimbo is wearing spagetti straps, and then get upset when opinions clash. But what we fail to see is…


Not a bit. The choir can croak, the priest can stand backwards or forwards, the people can drip out of their clothes. In the end, these are like bug bites compared to the crucifixion of problems that assault our churches today. While we squabble like seagulls fighting over a bagel, the Christian and Catholic communities are being flayed alive about contraception, homosexuality, divorce, and the Eucharist. Christian pastors are portrayed as fuddy-duddies, Catholic priests are pedophiles, Christian families are backward, nuns are evil, and we’re all brainless sheep, a position supported and underscored by all of our fighting.

What really matters is not that we are perfectly up to par on the teachings of our respective Churches. It’s not that we are almost Pharisee-like in our devotion to our rules.

What really matters is that Jesus died for each and every one of us. What really matters is that He loves us more than a universe of words could ever explain. What really matters is that every person finds Him in their own way, and if that’s with praise and worship or chant, with a pastor or a priest, in a church or in a car listening to the radio, that that is how God wants it to be. We have bigger things at stake than just some pride. We are living in a country that does not respect life, does not respect women, does not respect marriage, does not respect religion, and does not respect the holiness of work. Our petty bickering seems pretty small after all that, eh?

We must stand together on these big issues. For the small ones, live as you see fit. Complain if you must, but remember that each person is gloriously different and has come to God in their own way. Each person has a plan and a path that is different than yours. I believe that a Mormon or a Baptist can be every bit as passionate as a Lutheran or a Catholic. We all love God, and God loves ALL OF US.

And that’s what’s really important.

Live with joy, my friends.

Love to all-


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