The Terrible Comfort of Hell (and Purgatory, cause, y’know, God is merciful and stuff.)


If you’ve been watching the news lately, you probably HAVEN’T heard of Kermit Gosnell. He’s the guy who killed hundreds of babies born alive at his abortion clinic by stabbing them in the neck with scissors. I was going to put a picture of one his victims, but I can’t even look at the pictures. They are so horrible- children who are full-size, who came out alive and screaming, and he callously butchered them. Now, the media desperately wants to cover this up. They don’t want this accurate representation of what not only Gosnell, but every other abortionist in the world does, which is slaughter children. It looks like Gosnell will be getting off pretty much scott-free.

Or will he?

There’s a place that Christians don’t want to talk about. A place that most Christians like to pretend doesn’t exist, because it would mean that some people are actually bad. A place so terrible that the very name is curse word. Hell is controversial- most people would rather believe in a God who loves puppies and rainbows and never sends anyone to hell because he loves us soooo much and no matter what you do, you’ll never go there. These people believe in puppy Jesus.

Cuddles and rainbows and butterflies!
Cuddles and rainbows and butterflies, Batman! It’s puppy Jesus!

This is the guy who never cleared out a temple with a whip, who never insulted any pharisees, who never said “I bring not peace, but the sword.” (Matt. 10:34) Oh no. Puppy Jesus said only one big thing, which was “don’t judge. Cause it’s not nice and stuff.” Then he died and rose from the dead so that everyone on earth could live happily ever after in judgeless peace. Angels sang Kumbaya, the Bible magically fell down from heaven, and life is good.


But the fact remains, that Hell absolutely exists! Yes, Jesus is God and God is love, but that does not mean that he doesn’t condemn those who chose to be condemned. It is because God is so merciful that Hell exists- God loves us SO MUCH that He lets us decide if we want to live our lives without Him. And if we want, we can have an afterlife without Him too. Hell isn’t just about sin being punished- Hell is the everlasting consequence of pride. There is no escape from Hell- every single evil thing you have said or done is counted. You can’t hide or use public opinion to counteract your own sin. It will catch up with you one day.

What does this have to do with Kermit Gosnell? It’s a comfort to those of us who are heartbroken by the evils that he can’t escape them forever. Even if he’s acquitted of these crimes here on earth, one day he will get justice. But hey, hey, you say- that’s not very Christian to wish Hell on someone! Which is why I don’t, and it’s not my job to decide if he goes there or not. Do I wish justice? Heck yes! Can I say that what he did is evil? Yes again! But I don’t wish him to go to hell. Now, a nice, long purgatory stay sounds nice. And if he repented, like the great Bernard Nathanson (abortion doctor who killed an estimated 20,000 children, then repented and became a driving force in the pro-life movement) it would be a cause for rejoicing in heaven and on earth! There is no sin too great for forgiveness- as long as you are truly repentant.

So there’s the comfort, but what’s the terror bit? It’s the fact that I can’t escape, either. Every single time that I have lied, said something cruel, thought something impure, snapped out in anger, and not repented- it’s on my soul. I am deserving of hell as much as Gosnell is right now. But repentance- going to confession, doing my penance, and striving to do better- can give me a clean slate. Nothing compares to how amazing you feel after confession- the feeling of weightlessness, that your sins are forgiven. Now, you may still need purgatory to burn off the last attachments to sin you have, because only that which is 118.5% pure can enter heaven, but the bulk of your sin is GONE. Your robes are washed clean in the blood of the lamb!

So pray, pray, pray, my brothers and sisters, for the conversion of Gosnell. He should at least have the chance to repent, the chance to turn from his evil ways. He will be forgiven, if he but asks, and we will welcome home with open arms! And pray for the end of the wickedness of abortion- life is precious from conception until natural death, and only God should have the power to end it, not any person for any reason.

Thanks for your time.

Love to all!



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