God has a crush on you.

I am a very impatient person. When I want something, I want it NOW. This desire for instant gratification runs very deep in my psyche (and yes, a few of my readers may be aware of just how deep it goes. I’m an impatient Tani.)
Now, I have a crush. For the sake of anonymity, lets call this crush F. Crush F bears shocking resemblance to a book character named Frank Churchill. Look him up. He’s in Jane Austen’s “Emma.” Like Frank Churchill, F is a master at mixed signals. I mean, really, it’s infuriating! And for a Tani who is impatient, it’s doubly bad! Why can’t he just commit to either liking me or disliking me? It’s enough to drive any sane girl mad (and an already slightly insane girl absolute bonkers.) F gets close, then abruptly pulls away, then gets close again, then back away he goes.
But, has anyone ever stopped to think that this may be how God feels? God has a bit of a crush on you. No, really. When you pay attention to him, talk to him, he’s ecstatic! And when you pull away, talk to other gods (like pleasure, power, or prestige) he’s in agony. God is absolutely in love with you, he knows he’s the one who can make you happier than anyone else ever could, and he’s impatient for you to realize that! He’s the one who longs to be that shoulder to cry on, the person you tell your day to, the one who knows every hope and dream and can make them a reality.
F can’t really compare.
My blog is all about surrender. (It’s right there in the title, see?) So even though I have a crush on Frank Churchills evil twin, I’m going to surrender that, too. God wants only what is best for me. Crush F is not what’s best. What is best is letting my heart be totally, completely, recklessly abandoned to it’s creator.
So you out there, teen reader, with your crush on that really cute person who does that really cute thing oh-I-could-just-squeeze-them-they-are-so-adorable… Slow down. Give your heart to God first. Because God is longing for your heart, so that he can fill it up with good things. Let the rest happen in HIS time.
Love to all!


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